With ties with the Dragon on a new low, it’s time to look at Uncle Sam

Post the border clash with China and the subsequent developments after that, one clear winner and opportunity seems to be the ties between India and the United States.

Experts say that though there could be disagreements, this situation is the best time for India and the US to mend ties and work together against an increasingly aggressive China.

A research fellow from the Heritage Foundation thinks tank says that this could mean the US will give India intelligence in exchange for speedier closure of defence deals between the two nations.

This research fellow, Jeff Smith also says that India might not want to show Beijing that it has become a component of the US-China rivalry and that it is working at the US’s behest.

On a more personal level, US President Donald Trump has good camaraderie with Indian PM Narendra Modi, and that he could exploit this to fend off the threat of radical Islam and other issues of concern by both parties.

On the other hand, Trump has also taken detrimental steps against India in the past, one bring changing the preferential trade status with India which helped it to export billions of dollars worth of goods to the US.

Secondly, the Trump administration has also suspended the H-1B visa regime and has directed Universities to expel many international students (many of whom are Indian) who may not have the right to stay back due to various issues.

All-in-all, the recent developments at the border in Leh-Ladakh could leave a permanent mark in the India-China ties and could alter the geopolitics of the region.

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