With options running out, Pakistan accuses India of trying to ‘massacre’ its Muslims

NEW DELHI: Pakistani experts claim that the ‘lives’ of millions of Indian Muslims are at stake due to rising ‘Islamophobia practised by the Government of India. They warn of a ‘humanitarian crisis’ as Muslims across the country will plan to ‘flee’ from India.

At a seminar in Islamabad, Pakistan’s information minister Shibli Faraz said, “Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies against the Muslims would have serious consequences as he encourages demonization of the Muslims on the basis of religion, and has empowered right-wing ethno-nationalists”.

He further said that ‘Islamophobia’ is becoming a ‘tool’ at the hands of the ruling BJP. Referring to the Indian law that grants citizenship to refugees coming from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan based on religion, he added that leaving out Muslims from the law could lead to a ‘humanitarian crisis’.

“Unsurprisingly, the only major religion that has been left out is Islam — the second largest religion in India with over 200 million followers,” Faraz added.

He also spoke about the 16th Century Babri Masjid, which was demolished to make way for a Ram Temple as Hindus claim that the mosque was built on the land where Lord Ram was born.

The decade long court case came in favour of the Hindus where the Indian Supreme Court handed over the land to the Hindus while the Muslims got a separate piece of land for building a mosque.

A Pakistani journalist, Islamuddin Sajid has tweeted-

The Pakistanis, obsessed about Kashmir, continue to criticize the Indian governments Kashmir policy as they aim to divert global attention against its policy of breeding terrorism by proxy.

They repeatedly claim that Indian Muslims are facing discrimination ever since the BJP came to power in 2014.

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