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How to Find Windows Installation Date & Time

Find out the correct Windows Installation date and time – different methods to determine when the operating system was last installed on a computer.

Here we have some extremely useful methods to find out the exact date and time of Windows installation for both – an individual person and a tech guy because there might be a situation when you seriously wanted or needed to know your computer’s Windows installation date and time.

Well, with the help of some simple methods, you can easily know the “Original Install Date” of an operating system installation.

Yes! that’s true.

There are 4 different methods available that can show you when the operating system was last installed on your machine (desktop/laptop).

Find Out the Exact Windows Installation Date and Time

You can try any of the below method or all to determine the accurate Windows installation date and time (OS Install date).

METHOD 1: Find Windows Installation Date Using Windows Folder

This method is the easiest one, you can easily find out when Windows operating system had installed.

First, go to the drive on which Windows OS was installed (most likely it is C) and right-click on Windows folder, and select Properties.

Now see the Credited: entry under the General tab.

windows installation date

Remember: The above method will show the date when the Windows was installed on your computer instead of showing the date of an upgraded version of Windows (ex- upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1 version).

METHOD 2: Find Windows Installation Date Using Systeminfo Tool

This is the most preferred method to find out the exact Windows installation date and time via Systeminfo tool.

windows installation date cmd

To find the Windows installation date, use the Systeminfo built-in tool.

Run the Command Prompt (CMD) as administrator, then type the below command and hit Enter.

systeminfo | find /i "Original Install Date"

METHOD 3: Search OS Install Date & Time Using WMIC Command

This is another command trick “WMIC” – Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line.

You can also use the WMIC command to find out Windows Installation date and time.

To search Windows Install date, Press Win Key + R to open Run box and type the following command:

WMIC OS GET installdate

This command will instantly show you the exact install date and time of Windows in the format: Year Month Date Hour Minutes Seconds


When we hit the above command on your computer, we got the following numbers:


Just ignore the numbers after first. (dot)

This means: 2014(year) 04(month) 26(date) 21(hour) 55(minutes) 52(seconds) is the original install date of Windows.

METHOD 4: Find Windows Installation Date Using Windows Registry

You can also find the Windows OS installation date using Windows Registry.

At the time of Windows installation, the OS automatically creates a DWORD (32-bit) Value key that can be used to determine the Windows installation time.


The Windows registry displays the Windows install date in seconds from 1st of January, 1970.

Navigate to the following registry location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionInstallDate

Yes, I know this method is little-bit complicated to check the OS installation date, but you may need it just-in-case.

My Windows had installed 1410920371 since 1st of January, 1970.

You need to be a little expert in mathematics to figure out the exact date.

Well, here I have shared the various methods to find out Windows installation date and time.

If you know any other trick to search the OS installation date, please share with us via comments.

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