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Use TrueCaller to Find Unknown Mobile Number Details

TrueCaller online – a web-based tool & app to find out or identify caller details of an unknown phone number. Learn how to search stranger information of any mobile number just like a telephone number lookup service.



Are you looking for a phone number tracker to find unknown phone number details? Yeah! I got it right. Today in this post, I will show you how to find mobile number details of an unknown caller with Truecaller. An easy way to trace number details of a stranger. In case you just want to check own mobile number details, check out this post.

Apart from tracing mobile owner details through the calling number, you can even track phone number details through the name. You can reveal information such as caller’s Name, Telephone Number, Email Address, Location, Cell Phone Carrier and Personal Photo on the TrueCaller online website and its mobile app (best online phone number locator tool and app).

TrueCaller (learn more on Wikipedia) allows users to trace phone number anywhere in the world. It’s one of the most popular web-based tool, Windows, iOS and Android mobile app that let its users fetch out the personal information of an anonymous number. Users can use its best phone number locator service to easily find the caller details and track unknown phone number automatically in the smartphone.

TrueCaller online is the best to track Mobile number instantly

Almost, all other mobile number tracking software just show the name of telecom providers and country, however, this tool reveals most of the information.

Although, TrueCaller helps you in finding the details of the calling person. But the fact cannot be ignored that it also takes out your information in returns.

I have also tried this phone number locator service and it works as per the expectations. Although, in the last few months, I have used many mobile numbers tracing apps but fortunately found true caller one of the best phone number searching tool.

Identify Unknown Phone Number Details Online With TrueCaller

There may a time when you received calls from a strange number and they kept on bothering you and you were failed to gather any information about them whether they are Tele-Marketers, your friends or your relatives.

So, for that type of situations, this tool may help you to find unknown phone number details online easily and quickly for free.

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TrueCaller online, a phone number tracker works on give and take basis. This app synchronizes everything from your contacts and provides worldwide to all its users. You provide contacts globally & you get contacts globally.

Find Mobile Number Details of an Unknown Caller

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to use truecaller online to trace unknown phone number details.

Follow the steps here:

1.  To find mobile number details online, pay a visit to TrueCaller’s official website and test it yourself.

2. First of all, you need to sign in to the Truecaller online to trace mobile number. Just click on Sign in button from the top right corner of the web page and log in with either Google or Microsoft account.

truecaller online login

3. Now type the Cellular Number in the search box of the contact you want to find the details and click the Search.

Within a couple of seconds, the Truecaller online will open the web page link showing up with the most accurate results.

You will see something like this screenshot. For the illustration purpose, I have searched my own details.

Truecaller Number Search

Apart from searching numbers on its official website, you can also download their app on your smartphones for automatic phone number lookup.

In addition, you can download TrueCaller for android phones and other smartphones such as Nokia, Acer, Apple, Blackberry, Google, Xiomi Mi, Oppo, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and other mobile phones using this link.

How Does TrueCaller Online & App Work to Find Mobile Number Details?

When you sign in to TrueCaller online number search tool or use their mobile app to track mobile number, it saves the data and available them to the public via the global dynamic directory of mobile phones.

TrueCaller mobile phone tracker works on give and take basis.

We have also covered a few more free and legal services and though, you would also like to check them out. Here is the list:

Well, Truecaller app synchronizes everything from your contacts and available them globally that help to fetch unknown phone number name, location, photo, address, email ID and more.

You provide contacts globally & you get contacts globally.

Want to Remove Your Details from TrueCaller Database? Here’re the Steps.

The company respect your privacy, hence allows users to remove or delete or unlist the cell owner personal information from TrueCaller directory.

Yes! You can easily remove your info from the truecaller database.

If you do not wish your number to be searchable in the app and website, then follow the below link and enter your cell number including your country code and press ‘Unlist’. (i.e. +4690514147).

To remove your number from its database (website and app), follow steps:

1. Visit TrueCaller Unlist web page at

2. Enter your Number following the country code in the available field.

3. Tick the Captcha Verification Code and finally click the UNLIST PHONE NUMBER button.

Important: If you’re a TrueCaller user and have verified your number then you must first Deactivate your account by going to the App’s settings menu and finally follow the above steps.

In order to delete truecaller account, go to the About tab and then Deactivate account.

It’s simple. Same as 123 🙂

It can take up to 24 hours before the number gets removed. After that, no one will be able to track your phone number details.

How to Activate DND (Do Not Disturb Service) to Stop Tele-Marketing Calls {Bonus Advice}

Activate do not disturb service (DND) to stop unwanted telemarketing calls and SMS from companies via sending a toll-free message to the phone operator.

Simply type START DND and send it to 1909 or you may also call 1909 for DNC registration. This service is only available in India and 1909 number is toll-free for both SMS & calls.

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