How to Delete Old Tweets on Twitter in Bulk, Automatically?

There may be a reason for deleting previous tweets because your account may be marked as spam by Twitter applications due to too many old and broken links in tweets. Unfortunately, Twitter has no inbuilt feature that can help users get rid of such posts in one click. Well, to make it easier for you to bulk delete all tweets, I’m introducing you to some of the best web-based Twitter clean up tools that can automatically delete old tweets in bulk permanently.

When a user uses Twitter for a long period of time, it sometimes overflows the Twitter account with out-dated tweets and here, they probably want to delete those tweets at once.

Best Tools to Automatically Delete Old Tweets in Bulk

Before you clear Twitter history, it is recommended to backup the tweet as Twitter Archive from Twitter Settings. If you are sure you won’t need them again, you can clean your timeline forever using the tweet remover tool below.

The following are some of the most popular third-party Twitter cleaner web-apps that will easily give your account a new and cleaner look. Let’s check them out.


Twitlan Delete Multiple Tweets

Twitlan is an online tool that loads entire Twitter tweets so you can quickly delete them all at once. You can choose the posts to remove, all at once or a few of them. By default, this Twitter clean up app loads 100 posts at once, but you can manually load more to bulk delete tweets.

You can load more tweets, between 500 and 1000 tweets but older posts may take longer to load.



TweetEraser is another online Twitter clean up tool, which filters entire Twitter posts and automatically cleans them in bulk.

Log in with your existing Twitter account on the TweetEraser site and give access authorization to this Twitter app. Once you authorize the app, you can filter your tweet based on search criteria. And, it will be ready to clear Twitter history.

The Twitter Eraser will automatically count posts on your Twitter account and only delete up to 350 tweets per hour according to the new Twitter API rules. After the first batch ends, it will process another 350 tweets for deletion.

Twitwipe to remove all tweets at once


Twitwipe is another web-app that helps to get rid of all messages in one click. Go to the Twitwipe app and sign in with your Twitter account. Now, it will start processing bulk delete tweets.


TweetDelete to Delete Old Tweets

TweetDelete is the 4th but best application to achieve the task. The Twitter delete tweets app removes tweets from a specified time period from the Twitter feed. Like the Tweet Eraser, it also has a limit to the auto-deletion process. This process deletes up to 3200 tweets at a time.


Use the above tools wisely because once an app deletes a tweet, there will be no way to recover the deleted post. Therefore, delete old tweets only when you are 100% sure that you will no longer need those messages in the future. I hope the Twitter Clean Up app above will be helpful in removing old tweets on Twitter. If you liked the information, please do not forget to share it.

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