Truth or Propaganda? How Microsoft attempted to challenge Google in the search engine market

A​ few days ago, many leading media houses and online search engine forums claimed that Microsoft has been forcing Android users to use Bing even if they did not subscribe to Bing. It works like this- if you do not have Bing installed, Microsoft encourages you to search using Bing on the Outlook app when you hard press on any word. Here, you will find 3 options- Translate, Web search, and Bing Search. Though this is legal, many people thought Microsoft is trying to force Bing on Android Outlook users.

After careful analysis of all the reports, we found out that this claim seems to be unsubstantiated, that the reports that claimed this did not have any official sources to quote, and that other details seemed to be distorted.

Microsoft is using unethical tactics for promoting Bing? Watch this video:

Reports of Microsoft forcing people to use Bing on their Android phones using the Outlook app seem to be fake. We tried it ourselves.

In our opinion, it seems that Microsoft is now desperate to promote Bing against Google Search which has more than 80% of the worldwide market share of internet search engines. With every smartphone now having a Google suite of apps, Microsoft is finding it difficult to enter the virtual monopoly that Google has created.

According to this report, it seems as if Microsoft has scored a self-goal. If Outlook’s Android users are forced to use Bing, they might as well use Gmail which now allows you to have emails from other domains.

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