Find unknown phone number details: Name, photo and location (10 Methods)

At some point in your life, there must have been a time when you would be eager to find information about a particular telephone number, such as the owner’s name, photo, location, etc. If I am wrong, my friend, you probably do not come on this page. Well, today I am sharing ten free methods with you, using which you can trace unknown mobile number details online instantly.

So, there are some free web apps and online tools available in the internet world that can extract information of anyone’s number but the condition is; that number must be a user of that web app. Hey, don’t expect information about any private number.

If you have received a missed call or someone is harassing you repeatedly by calling from an unknown phone number, then you can know the information about that phone number with the help of the following methods.

To help our readers in finding caller details, I have compiled the list of free tools and services.

Method 1: Find details of an unknown caller using Truecaller online or app

By using Truecaller, you can identify any caller using Truecaller’s Caller ID feature.

For this, you have to install the Truecaller app on your phone from this link or if you do not want to use this app then you can search number online by visiting the website of Truecaller.

When you use this app, it searches the calling number in its database and comes up with a popup on your phone screen showing the owner name, state, photo, email address and operator (if available).

How to use Truecaller online to trace unknown mobile number details?

If you are using the Truecaller app, then during an incoming call or when a missed call is received, the app immediately reveals you the details of that number. But if you want to search unknown number on a desktop PC, you can do it on the Truecaller website.

Truecaller number search
Screenshot via Truecaller website

To find unknown mobile numbers details with Truecaller, either you can install the Truecaller app or can go to the official website of the True Caller. I already wrote a detailed guide here on how to track phone number details easily with Truecaller but still, the following are the quick steps.

1. To track phone number details online, simply visit Truecaller website.

2. Select INDIA as your country (country code) and type the number whose phone number details you wish to trace.

3. Hit the search button. If asked to log in, choose either Google or Microsoft account for signing in.

4. When you are logged in, Truecaller will connect with your account and it will automatically sync your details with its phone directory and show you the result of the number you were looking for.

And, this is how Truecaller works like a phone number tracker and find the details of anyone’s number.

However, if you ever want to remove your personal information from Truecaller’s database, you can unlist your phone number easily.

The web app can reveal the details of phone number owner including name, profile photo, location, email address, website and address (some information is limited).

Method 2: Know unknown mobile number details using number-based messengers

Nowadays almost everyone uses number based chat messenger in which WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hike and Skype are very popular. We can also get information about someone’s number using these apps.

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If the number whose details you want to find is registered on any of these apps, then you can easily get the information of that number.

How to get information using the messaging applications?

To find the details, you just need to add that number to your contact list.

After saving the number, simply go to WhatsApp or Snapchat app and refresh the contact list so that the messaging app can sync the saved contacts to the server.

Now find this newly saved contact in your app.

Once the saved contact is identified, you can trace unknown mobile number details by going to its social profile. If that person is a registered member and uses that particular app, you can see his/her name along with a photo profile.

You can try this trick one by one on each chatting app until you get to know that person.

Method 3: How to find contact details using Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites today. Millions of people around the world use Facebook to make friends and promote business.

While creating a Facebook account, we have to provide our name, email ID, phone number etc. and we can use these details to find any profile on Facebook.

Please note that if someone has limited their privacy settings or blocked you, you cannot find that profile on Facebook.

Trace unknown mobile number details online on Facebook
For demonstration, we searched a profile of a random mobile number | Photo source

To trace unknown mobile number details online, go to Facebook and try to find that number by typing it into the search field.

If his/her profile is publicly available (or didn’t lock the profile or limited by privacy), you can also get other information including location, job, date of birth, friend, personal picture, email address etc.

Method 4: Identify the name of the caller using IndiaOnAPage

IndiaOnAPage is like a business directory. The portal provides information related to business, education, events, classifieds, food and accommodation and much more from India.

The site provides free services to search a lot of information in India such as Voter ID information, track IP address, STD code finder, PIN code locator along with trace any mobile/landline number.

Visit this site to find out the mobile number details in India.

Method 5: Search the biggest database on WhoCallsMe

WhoCallsMe? is a forum and free reverse phone number lookup database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, political surveyors, SCAM artists, and other companies that we can use for Reverse phone lookup.

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Visit the site and search for a number in its biggest database of the phone directory. If you do not find anything, it means that no one has filed a complaint about this number.

If you are receiving unsolicited calls from surveyors, telemarketers, charities, or any other organizations, help others record their telephone numbers and details from these people in WhoCallsMe’s database.

Method 6: How to extract mobile number information in America?

The following are two popular sites that you can use to find phone number details online in the United States of America. is the best site to search American phone number details. The service is available for US phone numbers. You can trace US mobile number location, state, zip and other details. is another cellphone registry that offers reverse cellular number searches. The national registry of cellular number (NRCN) is a leading provider of online phone searches.

Method 7: Trace a phone number in Canada

Trace phone number owner details on – Canada’s local search engine.

411 is a Canadian company that allows millions of people to search through addresses or phone numbers. You can use the service to locate local businesses’ contact details such as an address, name, alternative contacts, etc.

If does not help in finding the details, you can try as an alternative. It provides free reverse phone lookup and business telephone directory.

Method 8: How to get information of a caller in Germany?

If you are living in Germany, then this method is definitely going to work for you. The following are two sites that allow tracing unknown number in Germany.

trace mobile number in germany

To find phone number owner name and address, visit It is a free phone reverse search site for Germany numbers.

Das Örtliche is another local telephone directory in Germany to know caller details with information on the map. The Das Örtliche allows users to perform a quick and free search for numbers and addresses.

Method 9: Tired of unwanted calls and not getting any help?

Did you try all the methods mentioned above but nothing worked?

Then you should take it seriously now.

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If someone harasses you or your family by calling from an unknown phone number and you are disappointed, you should not wait any longer. Now you should consider legal action.

Now it’s time to go to the police or cyber cell and file a complaint against that number. Legal officials will investigate and take strict action against the owner of that number.

But before taking any legal action, you should reconsider it because in such cases you may need a lot of time and money.

Also, that unknown person can be your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend or someone very special of your life who wants to contact you after a long time.

Method 10: The Unethical Way

Share such cases with your relatives and friends.

Check in the phone number directory as well to find unknown numbers detail.

Call that unknown caller anonymously and you can pretend to befriend him to get more information, but there may be a risk in it, be careful.

I hope the above ten methods are more than enough for you to know how to trace unknown mobile number details online. If you found the post useful, share it with your friends and colleagues on social sites.

Disclaimer: We want to tell you that tracing the personal information of any person against his/her will is a punishable offence. The information on this page is for educational purposes only. Neither Elkees Media nor its author is responsible/liable for any unlawful activity by you. Know unknown mobile details at your own risk.

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