How to View Hidden Passwords Behind Asterisks in Any Browser?

The Inspect Element (web development tools) is available on all modern web browsers. These are the tools for web developers and specifically used to analyze a website such as live editing of HTML and CSS, monitoring resources, finding errors, and much more. But, do you know that you can also use Inspect Element as a password cracker tool to easily view hidden passwords under asterisks?

Yes, it is true. You must have seen many times that the login username and password are already saved on the login page, in which the username can be visible but the password is hidden behind the asterisk characters.

So, let’s see how to hack stored password using the developer tool.

Use Inspect Elements As a Password Cracker Tool in Chrome

If you want to see an asterisk password that is saved in the Google Chrome browser, then follow the below-mentioned steps to reveal that.

  1. Visit the login page.

    Go to the webpage where a password is already available in black dots or asterisk keys.

  2. Inspect with Dev Tools.

    Right-click on the password field and click Inspect.

    hack the saved passwords

  3. Find the type=”password” code.

    This will show the HTML source code of the web page with the password field highlighted.

    reveal asterisk passwords

  4. Alter the type value from password to text.

    Look for the line starts with <input and double-click on “password” under the “type” attribute (type=”password”) and rename it with “text” then hit enter.

    reveal saved passwords in chrome

See the picture above, the password field is now showing the original password instead of an asterisk.

View Hidden Passwords in Mozilla Firefox using Developer Tools

Use Firefox Developer Tool to show hidden passwords behind asterisks.

password cracker tools

1. Go to the login page where the password is already filled in.

2. Right-click on the saved password field and click “Inspect Element (Q)”.

3. In the inspector, look at the source code highlighted in the blue line. Double click on “type” and replace the input value from “password” to “text”. This will show you the original password instead of black dots.

Reveal Saved Passwords Under Asterisks in Internet Explorer

Found some saved passwords in the Internet Explorer browser? Here’s how to reveal them.

1. Open the web page where the saved password is stored.

2. Press the F12 button on your keyboard and click on the password field using “Select Element“.

3. Double click on password under “type” HTML attribute and enter “text” value at the place of “password”. See below set of screenshots.

reveal hidden saved passwords in internet explorer

The password hidden behind bullets is now visible to human eyes.


If you have forgotten your login password and it is still available in the browser, you can use the above method to retrieve your account again. Above, we have given you a demo of using the inspection element as a password cracker tool to view hidden passwords in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. Try it, it’s great! If you like it, share it.

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