Nikon D810 DSLR Review – The Best Professional Level DSLR Camera

With the D810 DSLR, Nikon gives us a camera that is power-packed with all the latest features. It is a much-improved version from its predecessors – the D800 and D800E. The Nikon D810 DSLR is slightly heavier than its predecessors. However, Nikon makes up for this with superb specs for all kinds of users. Let us see how well the D810 performs vis-à-vis its earlier versions and what is new in this camera that makes it worth a buy.

Design and Build

The D810 has been designed to be easy to hold and operate. The buttons for the various features too are easily accessible whenever needed. With a changed button layout, the users of the D800 may find it difficult to get used to the D810.

Due to the heavy build of the D810, it is suggested that you use a neck strap to carry this camera around. You can frame photos easily using the D810’s viewfinder, this gives you a speed up to 5 frames per second when used at full resolution. This is quite a good performance against other DSLRs. However, the performance levels are a tad slower when you’re framing photos using the camera’s display screen. With the viewfinder, you can conserve a lot of battery power as against using the display screen to get a frame of the scene. In fact, with the viewfinder, you can shoot as many photos as you want for hours at a stretch with only a single battery charge, this is one of the highlights of the D810.

With this camera, you can start shooting photos within a second of starting it. Nikon has also made sure that there is no shutter lag and that shot to shot delays are minimal.

With the Nikon D810, you have 2 memory card slots, one for an SD card and another for a CF card.  The CF card memory offers higher performance than the SD card and is well suited for professional photographers. With this feature, the D810 appeals to both amateurs and professionals.

Missing the Wifi Connectivity

The Nikon D810 offers a great display screen with high quality, you get 1.2 million pixels of resolution with a screen that measures 3.2 inches diagonally. However, many people will not appreciate the fact that the D810 does not offer a touchscreen. Moreover, the camera isn’t Wi-Fi enabled, which is pretty surprising for cameras in this price range.

You need to understand that just buying the D810 won’t suffice, you will have to spend on buying interchangeable lenses for the D810’s F lens mount. Nikon has a wide variety of lenses for the D810, you will never need to worry about not getting the right lens for the right image. Just like any other DSLR camera, you will have to shell out for buying additional lenses.

Nikon D810 Picture Quality

Nikon has marketed the D810 as a ‘pro-sumer’ camera, one which is a cross between professional and consumer DSLR cameras. Its image quality justifies this with the full-frame FX image sensor giving photos of amazing quality. The camera also comes with a great 36.3 megapixels of resolution.

The D810 lets you shoot in JPEG, TIFF, and RAW image formats, ensuring great flexibility to the user. You can also shoot full HD videos with 60 frames per second. However, the D810 doesn’t offer you 4K video resolution.

With the D810, you can shoot extremely sharp photos, irrespective of your usage of manual focus or the camera’s 51 point autofocus option.

Wrapping Up

The Nikon D810 DSLR is a great camera for those who don’t mind spending for the best. This is a camera ideal for both amateurs and professionals, the features available here are a testament to this. If you are someone who is a budding photographer, this is an ideal buy.

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