Monitor Internet Connection For Drops In Windows {Network Stability Test}

In this era of pandemics, most of the everyday lifestyle has shifted from offline to online, whether it is like streaming free entertainment online, attending online study classes, or becoming a YouTube creator. So all want to experience a good network speed with a stable internet connection. According to data from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, internet consumption has increased by 13% since the nationwide lockout. So in a situation when internet users are increasing, then it is also natural to have trouble with internet connection connectivity.

So if you are having trouble watching free movies online, downloading large files, streaming games, streaming Netflix/Amazon Prime, or network issues during an online meeting, then you might want to monitor internet connection stability. A simple internet speed test will not be helpful all the time as it only gives you data on your broadband speed at a given moment. But you need to work beyond this level to test internet connection for drops.

So to make it easy for you, here, we are sharing some ways by which you can monitor internet connection stability in Windows.

How to Monitor Internet Connection Stability?

There are a lot of apps available for Internet connection diagnostic tests, but choosing the best tool can be a bit misleading for beginners. So here are the two best ways.

Monitor Internet Connection For Drops in Windows

This method works on both; Wired and Wireless Networking. It does not matter if you are using cable broadband internet or WiFi network.

In the following demo, we will ping Google Public DNS server IP address (eg: to monitor internet connection drops. We have chosen the Google server because their server never goes down.

  1. Ping the DNS in command prompt.

    Press Win+R to open the Run box and ping the following IP suffix -t

    ping -t

    The –t forces the ping command to run continuously until stopped manually.

  2. Monitor the output ping command.

    Now check the status of your network connectivity. See the following screenshot of the ping command, it will help you understand the result easily.
    Monitor Internet Connection Stability
    It shows the live status of Internet connectivity.

  3. Analyze the connectivity of your internet connection.

    If you continuously receive the reply from the DNS server (like the below sample), it means your internet connection connectivity is stable.

    Reply from bytes=32 time=285ms TTL=58

    However, in all other cases such as request time out, transmit failed, etc., then there are some problems with your Internet connection.

In the above example of reply, the response time & TTL numbers may vary on your system, although, any other numbers also mean that the connection is working.

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Monitor Internet Connection Connectivity Using Net Uptime Monitor App

Net Uptime Monitor is a tiny tool that helps you test your internet connection stability, it alerts you about connectivity failures and uptime and also keeps the log of all failures time and duration.

Net Uptime Monitor tool

Free download this tool from its official website.

This internet connection monitor utility is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems from Win XP to Win 10 and servers.

However, it is a paid app but you can use its trial version for free to perform network stability tests. The trial version runs for 30 minutes to monitor internet connection for drops, and then automatically closes, but you can use it as many times as you want.

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Most of the time, power recycling the hardware can fix the issues. Therefore, before complaining to your ISP or monitoring the Internet connection stability test, always try to fix the problem by turning the hardware on / off from the main and disabling / enabling the network device.

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