Clever WiFi SSIDs And Funny Bluetooth Names For Your Devices

No wonder if you are looking for some of the funniest WiFi AP for wireless routers or Bluetooth names for mobile phones. Many such keywords are trending in Google and most of them are coming from the top countries of the World including the USA, Canada, and many others. We’ve come across a topic from Quora for someone looking for an answer to the best Bluetooth names for a smartphone and thought to write on it.

Typically, when someone buys a WiFi router or any Bluetooth-enabled device, the device automatically assigns its SSID or device name with a mixture of letters, numbers, and special characters that look very odd. So most of the users want to change the default name with some unique and funny names. To make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of some interesting and funny Bluetooth names for your wireless devices.

Interesting WiFi Names For WiFi Routers

You can always change your device’s broadcast names that will make your devices more personalized and will stand out from the broadcasting wireless connections around you. Don’t confuse between Wireless networks and VoLTE, VoWiFi networks, both terms are different.

Personal Names (Persona, Company, Brand)

Below is a personal name that is always identified by the person or company names.

funny wifi names and wifi ssid names

Joke Names (Funny Jokes, Puns, References, Wordplay)

Funny names are also very popular among all. There are lots of choices to pick the best.

interesting wifi names for router

The fun never ends. Yes, I’m serious. Once upon a time, I was traveling in the Delhi Metro, all of a sudden my phone notified me about an Available open network, I taped on it to enjoy the free internet data but I was surprised to see the name of that Wi-Fi hotspot. See yourself in the screenshot below –

wifi ssid name

There is no limit to the fun. You can give your device any name but make sure you wouldn’t hurt anyone or break your country’s law by using violence or inappropriate words.

Some Cool WiFi SSIDs For Wireless Devices

The following are some more funny WiFi names for wireless routers.

List 1List 2List 3
It Hurts When Acquires IPBring Beer and Women!Device Not Found!
Get Off My LawnNYPD NetworksError!
Mini RocketYour GF Has Nicer TitsDevice Error!
Get Your Own Net Bro!Virus Detected! Don’t ConnectSearching!
WiFi Not Found!WiFi Password is PasswordI’m Paid!
Sweet Devil!BBC (Bluetooth Broadcasting Center)Error! Contact your ISP
Don’t Try to ConnectError found!Virus!
IP Conflicts!Your Dad!Hey! Don’t Suck
Anonymous Network!This WiFi is not FREE!You Fool, Don’t Connect!
Hey Son! Connect MeConnected!Looking Your Device!
Fatal Error!Press Power Button to ConnectNo Internet Access!
NSA monitors this NetworkF**k Y*uIt’ll Lock Your Device!
Untrusted Network2 Girls, Single RouterBill Wi the Science Fi
Pay Your Internet BillWilluMarryMe?Virgin Group!
FBI Surveillance Van #11(.) (.) Boobies NetworkVirus Infected WiFi
4G WiFi NetworkAbraham LinksysOMG! Want to Watch Porn
Police PCR Van #50WiFi Network UnavailableEnjoy our Sex Noises @ 1 AM
I am your BOSSMy Private Network!Mobile HotSpot WiFi
Terrorist Network
The above list of funny WIFI names is not our creation, we have collected all these names from the internet.

Funny Bluetooth Names For Mobile Phones

We have shared Wifi names in the above list and below is the list of some of the most interesting and funny Bluetooth names. This does not mean that you cannot use the above WiFi name as your Bluetooth name and the Bluetooth names below as your WiFi names, it is entirely up to you. Pick a name from the list and broadcast it today.

List 1List 2List 3
10$ Charged!Virus Alert !! ^_^Neela Daant *
Vola! *LiPsTiC SpOiLeRNo Device Found!
Unknown Device404 Error! Not FoundLoading Trojan
Wild Cat …MEOW !!!Try Again!System Error!
Erasing System Files…Virus Infected!!!Connecting Error..
Cute$p!ce g!rlLooking Device….Device Not Found
Error!Device Error!Under Progress…
Searching!Damage Device!Error found!
Black HoleVirus!No Device Found!
Oops! Search Failed!Your Dad!Osama Bin Laden
Connection failed! Restart your phoneCoronavirus Infection!Covid-19
Virus Detected!Containment Zone!Remote Donator!
You Fool!Anonymous!Hey Son! Come Pair Up
AcceptedLooking Your Device!Fatal Error!
Bite Me B***h!I’m Paid!Sweet Devil!
Press Red ButtonLe Bhikari *Unidentified Sending Object
Phone Balance is Rs.0Battery XPLOSIVERestart your Bluetooth
Your Dad!Chulbul Pandey *BlowMe!
Send2Me!Scary File!Virus.exe!
Porn File.jpgError 404!Sending Message
TerroristBBC (Bluetooth Broadcasting Center)KhemCho ? *
Jaldi De Bey! *I am your BOSSbOOks – the O’s ?
Damaging PhoneRansomware Activated!
* The funny names for Bluetooth are in Hindi language.

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If you are unable to think of a good wireless name, you can change it with your favorite TV show, movie name, the ideal person of your life, your favorite quote, or anything you want. Play with your mind and find an interesting name that can put a smile on someone’s face.

The names mentioned in the above list can be the best fit as your funny Bluetooth names for phones or cool WiFi SSID for your wireless devices. Every name represents something different. You can share your thoughts through the comment section below.

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