Boost Your Android App Performance in Phone and Tablet

Is your android device not performing well as it used to? Is your smart device extremely running slow or impacting with overheating? Here we have some tips and best optimizing apps that can help you to boost your android app performance on smartphones and tablets.

Just like a computer, your Android devices also required optimization regularly.

When you run PC apps for a very long time, it automatically stores some temporary & cache files. Similarly, it happens with a mobile operating system, you need to periodically free up memory and remove temporary & junk files.

The Android OS is supposed to be lighter, faster and should have extra memory to keep up android performance.

Generally, an android device runs slower when there is a shortage of memory and tons of apps run in the background continuously.

Well, here we have some most effective tips to boost android app performance in smartphones and tablets.

Expert Tips to Boost Android App Performance

If you’ve eventually noticed that your Android device performance is decreasing very fast, you can try the following tweaks to increase android speed and Android app performance.

Let’s have a look at below effective tips and best apps to improve Android performance.

Look for Device Hardware Configuration

This is the first and important point to have a look at your Android device hardware configuration.

Because it’ll give you an idea about the capabilities and drawbacks of your device; either a smartphone or tablet.

If your phone has limited memory and device storage, never overburden your device with resource-hungry apps, hence it would degrade your phone’s performance.

Consider to Remove Unwanted Apps

Every time you download and install an app on your android device, it takes some storage space and start running background process and increase usage of RAM.

So look for downloaded applications under Apps => Settings => Application Manager (path may be different on your device) & uninstall all unused apps. But, I would strongly recommend you keep a copy of the apps’ backup before you uninstall an app.

This will surely free up some device storage space and memory that leads to boost your android app performance.

Make a Habit of Closing the Applications

Android runs slower when there are plenty of apps run in the background.

When you finished using an app, simply close or exit the app instead of pressing the home button.

When you just hit the home button, the app keeps processing in the background and keeps consuming the memory.

In android smart devices, there is a button to close recently used apps to exit the active application.

Always make a habit to clear all recent apps. This will also clear RAM usage so that you can run other applications smoothly.

Disable Unnecessary Applications

Navigate to the apps manager under Apps => Settings => Application Manager and look for the All Apps.

Here is the list of default apps that keep runs in the background. These are the apps that preinstalled by the device manufacturer and uninstalling these apps is not so easy.

It can be only possible with android rooting.

Instead of uninstalling preinstalled apps, you can disable these unnecessary apps that are not in use.

Disabling an app will not completely remove or delete it.

The disabled apps will not be shown on the home screen or in the app widgets.

This is temporary, you can re-enable them whenever you need to reuse the apps.

This step is extremely helpful in increasing android app performance.

NOTE: Disabling the core apps that help to run the Android operating system, may stop working your device. So do it carefully at your own risk.

Turn Off GPS & Maps

Switching off the GPS location service and the map will improve the battery life and Android app performance.

Whenever you go online or access the internet, location service starts processing in the background that leads to a low-performance device.

When your device battery starts dying, the location service is the first thing you should turn off.

It’s better to keep turn off GPS location, whenever it is not in use.

Avoid Installing Heavy Apps & Games

Before you install android apps, it is better to look at the size of the application because heavy space taken-apps occupies a big device storage space.

Every application has a different size, determine if it is worth downloading.

The apps you install on your Android device, they occupy space of the phone or tablet internal memory and can’t be transferred to an external SD card.

Stop Activating Live Wallpapers

Everyone wants to give a cool look to their smartphone or tablet.

Yes, here I am talking about the live wallpapers. The live wallpapers look so beautiful and entertaining.

However, the live wallpapers may slow down your Android device performance because it needs more CPU cycles to run.

And, it also drains the battery faster.

The live screen always runs in the background even when you are using any other app. It’s my advice to keep stay with the normal HD wallpapers.

It’ll not only saves the battery life but also boost the android app performance in mobile and tab.

Update Android OS & Applications

It’s always important to keep all software up to date with the latest software and firmware.

Well, I would strongly recommend you to keep update your Android phone and tablet with the latest firmware. A new Android version always brings some great improvements and stability.

Google brings new features and bug fixes to each new release of the Android operating system.

Every new release of the Android version includes updates that ensure stability and higher performance speed along with some other cool features.

Like downloading and installing android updates are important, updating installed apps is also important. You should update the installed apps on your android device regularly from Google Play Store.

New updates fix bugs and add extra features in every new release of the apps’ version.

Updating your applications increase the android apps performance and lower chances to crash or hang your phone or tablet.

Use Cleaner Master & Android Manager

There are some most popular and recommended apps available on the Play Store that claim to keep your Android device always clean and virus free.

These android cleaner or app manager can be a better option to boost your android app performance.

For my Android device, I use Clean Master for Android Optimizer, Speed Booster, and Battery Saver.

And my most trusted android security app is CM Security AppLock Antivirus for its outstanding features like App Locker, Hide Private Chats, Private Browsing, App Antivirus, App & System Scanner, and Phone Finder (anti-theft).

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Android app performance is not a big challenge.

Just you need to follow these tweaks and make some changes in your android device.

It will increase your mobile or/and tablet speed and will also boost your android app performance.

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