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Interesting WiFi SSID and Funny Bluetooth Names for your Routers and Mobile Phones



wifi ssid names and funny bluetooth names

Trying to find some of the most interesting Wifi SSID names or/and funny Bluetooth names for your mobile phones and routers? Here I’ve compiled a list of some of the best names found on the internet.

Generally when you buy a router or any Wi-Fi enabled or Bluetooth enabled device, the device automatically assigns a name with the mix of letters, numbers and special characters as its SSID or device name which looks very odd.

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However, you can always change such broadcasting names with your owns that will make your devices more personalized and will stand out from the broadcasting wireless connections around you.

Extra: If you want to listen to someone’s phone conversation secretly, you may also discover using a feature phone to spy on a phone conversation.

Interesting WiFi Names and Funny Bluetooth Names for your Wireless Connections

There are so many creative people in the world who always try to make their life so hilarious and for such people. We always post something amazing her on this blog. So let’s look at the following cool WiFi names and funny Bluetooth names you will surely love.

Change the current Bluetooth name and Wireless SSID name of your smartphone or/and any other Bluetooth & wireless devices with a cool and funny device name I am going to share below.

Funny WiFi Names for Your Wireless Devices – Routers

In the beginning, I am sharing a few interesting WiFi names and a quick tutorial on how to change the WIFI SSID in the routers. And, below this, you will see a couple of funny Bluetooth names for the smartphone.

So let’s begin-

Personal Names (Personna, Company, Brand)

These are the personalized names that always recognize by the person or company names.

funny wifi names and wifi ssid names

You can change WiFi name or the default Bluetooth name to identify your connection easily among the available wireless networks.

The fun never ends. Yes, I’m serious.

There was a time when I was traveling in the Delhi Metro train. Suddenly, my phone notified me for an Available open network I taped on it to enjoy the free internet data. And, surprise to see the Wi-Fi HostSpot name (^). See yourself in the below screenshot –

wifi ssid name

Enjoyment never has the limits. You can give any name to your device but make sure you wouldn’t hurt anyone or break your country’s law by using the violence or inappropriate words.

Joke Names (Funny Jokes, Puns, References, Wordplay)

Funny names are also very popular among everyone. There are plenty of choices to pick the best.

interesting wifi names for router

If you’re unable to think good wireless name, you can consider changing the name with your favorite TV show, movie name, an ideal person in your life, your favorite quote or anything you want.

Play with your mind to change with something very interesting name that can bring a smile to someone’s face.

Here are some more Funny WiFi Names for your wireless devices.
  • It Hurts When Acquires IP
  • Bring Beer and Women!
  • Get Off My Lawn
  • NYPD Networks
  • Mini Rocket
  • Your GF Has Nicer Tits
  • Get Your Own Net Bro!
  • Virus Detected! Don’t Connect
  • WiFi Not Found!
  • WiFi Password is Password
  • Device Not Found!
  • Error!
  • Device Error!
  • Searching!
  • I’m Paid!
  • Sweet Devil!
  • BBC (Bluetooth Broadcasting Center)
  • Error! Contact your ISP
  • Don’t Try to Connect
  • Error found!
  • Virus!
  • IP Conflicts!
  • Your Dad!
  • Hey! Don’t Suck
  • Anonymous Network!
  • This WiFi is not FREE!
  • You Fool, Don’t Connect!
  • Hey Son! Connect Me
  • Connected!
  • Looking Your Device!
  • Fatal Error!
  • Press Power Button to Connect
  • No Internet Access!
  • NSA monitors this Network
  • F***k Y***u
  • Untrusted Network
  • 2 Girls, Single Router
  • It’ll Lock Your Device!
  • Bill Wi the Science Fi
  • Pay Your Internet Bill
  • WilluMarryMe?
  • Virgin Group!
  • FBI Surveillance Van #11
  • (.) (.) Boobies Network
  • Virus Infected WiFi
  • 4G WiFi Network
  • Abraham Linksys
  • OMG! Want to Watch Porn
  • Police PCR Van #50
  • WiFi Network Unavailable
  • Enjoy our Sex Noises @ 2 PM
  • I am your BOSS
  • My Private Network!
  • Mobile HotSpot WiFi
  • Terrorist Network

The above list of funny WiFi names is not our own creation. I have collected all these names from the internet.

Found a funny WiFi name for your wireless devices and want to change it now? Here’s the complete step by step tutorial on how to change WiFi password and name in the routers.

How to Change WiFi Name in the Router?

The WiFi Name is called Network Name – SSID (Service Set Identifier) that broadcasts the wireless network connection.

Often, the router manufacturers always named the SSID on the name of the brand. Example- Cisco, TP-Link, D-Link, Netgear, Belkin, Tenda, etc.

The default SSID is pretty hard to remember and it’s boring too.

So if you want to change your WiFi SSID, follow these steps-

Step #1 Check the Connection

Make sure your router is powered on and it is connected to the system either via Wireless network or LAN port.

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Please note that once the SSID is changed with your desired Wi-Fi name, you’ll lose the connection to the router. So it’s recommended to connect your router with an Ethernet LAN cable to your machine while changing the SSID to avoid any disconnection.

In case you lost the connectivity, you will have to search the wireless network with your changed WiFi name and reconnect it again.

Step #2 Enter IP Address

Launch your favorite web browser and type the router’s IP address in the address bar and press Enter.

Each router manufacturer has a different IP address(s) and it is mentioned in the user manual and behind the router in most cases.

You can get the router default IP address from the back-side of the router.

Below is the list of IP addresses of the most popular WiFi routers:

  • Qwest (AKA CenturyLink), Netgear, Trendnet, D-Link, Senao:
  • Microsoft, Belkin, and SMC:
  • Linksys, 3Com, TP-Link, Asus, US Robotics, Dell:
  • Apple:
  • Macintosh: Open the Network Control Panel. Click the Apple Menu => elect System Preferences => Network and look for the Router. Here is your router’s default IP address.

Step #3 Log In to Router

There are two ways to configure your router.

First is web interface and second is router’s software.

Most of the routers come with the software CD that allows you to make changes and configure the router.

However, here I am illustrating you with the web interface.

Once you used the router’s IP in the browser, next you will have to enter the default username and password of your router.

You can find the default username and password from the router’s back-side or/and in the manual guidebook.

change wifi name

Step #4 Navigate to Wireless Setting Page

Once you successfully logged into the router’s web-based setup, look for the tab Wireless => Wireless Settings (or similarly named as Wireless).

Step #5 Look for SSID

Try to look the field as SSID, Wireless Network Name, Network Name, Router Name or anything else variant.

This may be pre-filled with the default router’s name (Linksys, dlink012, etc). In this field, you can change the default wireless name with any of the above funny WiFi names you like or anything you want.

Step #6 Look for the PSK Passphrase

If you also want to change WiFi password, look for the field similar to PSK Passphrase, Password, Network password, etc.

In this field, you can change the default WiFi password with any password you want.

Refer the router’s user manual for more details.

change wifi password

Step #7 Save the Settings

Once you did the changes, simply Save the settings.

Now you have successfully updated the default WiFi name and password with your own.

Search WiFi names or network again and reconnect to your network with the updated credentials.

Here’re a few Funny Bluetooth names for your mobile phones

Well, I have shared Wi-Fi names in the above list and following are some most interesting and funny Bluetooth names.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use the above Wifi name as your Bluetooth name and below funny Bluetooth names as your Wifi names.

It is totally up to you. Pick a name you list the most and broadcast it today.

  • 10$ Charged!
  • Virus Alert !! ^_^
  • Neela Daant *
  • Vola! *
  • LiPsTiC SpOiLeR
  • F***k Y***u
  • No Device Found!
  • Unknown Device
  • 404 Error! Not Found
  • Loading Trojan
  • Wild Cat …MEOW !!!
  • Try Again
  • System Error
  • Erasing System Files…
  • Virus Infected!!!
  • Connecting Error
  • Cute*$p!ce g!rl*
  • Looking Device
  • Device Not Found
  • Error!
  • Device Error!
  • Under Progress…
  • Searching!
  • Damage Device.
  • Error found!
  • Black Hole
  • Virus!
  • No Device Found!
  • Oops! Search Failed!
  • Your Dad!
  • Osama Bin Laden
  • Connection failed! Restart your phone
  • Virus Detected!
  • Anonymous!
  • Remote Donator!
  • You Fool!
  • Hey Son! Come Pair Up
  • Accepted
  • Looking Your Device!
  • Fatal Error!
  • Bite Me B***h!
  • I’m Paid!
  • Sweet Devil!
  • Press Red Button
  • Le Bhikari *
  • Unidentified Sending Object
  • Phone Balance is Rs.0
  • Battery XPLOSIVE
  • Restart your Bluetooth
  • Your Dad!
  • Chulbul Pandey *
  • BlowMe!
  • Send2Me!
  • Scary File!
  • Virus.exe!
  • Porn File.jpg
  • Error 404!
  • Sending Message
  • Terrorist
  • BBC (Bluetooth Broadcasting Center)
  • KhemCho ? *
  • Jaldi De Bey! *
  • I am your BOSS
  • bOOks – the O’s ?
  • Damaging Phone

Note: * Red asterisk mark define the language change in Hindi (Indian language).

Hope you would like these cool wireless names mentioned in the above list. These names will help you to spot your phone easily.

Do you have any other great name I missed in the above list of funny Bluetooth names and Wifi SSID names or want to give us your suggestions? Share by dropping a line through the comment box below.

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