A few Smart Ways of Shopping Online, Safely and Securely

Always keep in mind “these online shopping security tips” to enjoy the uninterrupted and secure shopping, preserve your banking as well as personal credentials from online phishers and hackers.

The internet has changed the way we things. One of them is online shopping. For many of the shopaholics out there, shopping online is the most convenient way of getting what you want, whenever you want it. The days of roaming in shops for that one piece of garment that you like is now slowly becoming history.

Hackers are evolving faster than technology and they are more Sophisticated than we think.

However, shopping online comes with its own sets of risks. There are many ways in which you can be cheated of your money when shopping online at e-commerce stores. This can be in the form of phishing attacks, malware attacks, over-invoicing, fake shopping websites and the like. Seeing the many cases of online fraud that keep coming in the news now and then, here are some smart ways of shopping online with full protection and safety.

Cyber experts follow these rules to protect their online transactions from hackers

Here are some advanced online shopping security tips you can follow to be safe and secure while purchasing items and providing your personal, credit card or bank information at shopping stores. So, let’s get started –

Do not reveal personal and sensitive details online

Do not share your personal information on the internet

Whenever you shop online, you are asked for your email ID, phone number and address. This is understandable and enough information that you can give to the website. However, do not give them any unnecessary details, like your Aadhar card number, PAN number, date of birth or other identification. There is a strong possibility that this information may be misused by the website.

Check for the ‘S’ in the website URL

Whenever you are shopping on an unknown website, do ensure that the website has an “HTTPS” with a valid digital certificate (green padlock icon) and not just an “HTTP” (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). This is because the extra ‘S’ gives the website a Secured Socket Layer(SSL) security. This is where your personal information is kept secure and encrypted whenever it is transmitted through the internet.

https shopping sites security

The websites that have an SSL certificate have either a closed lock at the URL or an unbroken key at the bottom of the page. Moreover, those websites that have an EV SSL (Extended Validation SSL) even have a green address bar and padlock that shows its security status.

It is preferable to shop online with credit cards rather than debit cards

Use debit card to shop online

When you use your debit card, you are putting your own hard-earned money at risk. On the other hand, with credit cards, the bank is putting its money at risk. It is always better (and safer) to use credit cards rather than debit cards as your bank account details are not compromised when transacting online for the best online shopping security.

If you still doubt the genuineness of the site, it makes sense to pay via your PayPal, Paytm, Google Pay or via other digital wallets so that your data is not compromised. The only downside here is that you might have to pay a nominal amount to get the transaction processed.

Create a separate Email address to enhance your online shopping security

Best Temporary Email Address for Online Shopping

It is a given that every eCommerce website you visit will want at least your email ID. If you do not want their promotional emails jamming up your inbox, it makes sense to create a separate email ID for that purpose. This will help you to reduce the clutter in your email and also that your personal information will not get compromised if at all the website in question is hacked. This is a rather smart way of shopping online, safely and securely.

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It is not advisable to keep a single password for all your accounts

Use Strong Password for Online Shopping Security

It is quite practical for anyone to keep a single password for all of their accounts. For criminals wanting to steal information from you, this can be a walkover. The criminal may be able to steal more than he expected to as all of your accounts have the same password.

You should keep at least 2-3 different passwords for all of your accounts. The passwords should not be too obvious and should contain a mix of letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers and symbols. You can also use a password manager to keep all your passwords safe in case you forget any of them.

Do not fall for offers or discounts that are ‘too good to be true’

Beware of Fake Online Shopping Offers and Deals

If you come across an eCommerce website that is offering deep discounts or unbelievable offers, do not fall for it. There is a big possibility that the discount or offer is a well thought out scam where you can lose a lot of money if you are not careful. In such a case, check the validity and reputation of the online shopping sites in question before you make a payment or give away any of your details to it.

If a site has too many popups and designed weirdly or the site’s URL looks suspicious, then you should leave it and avoid inputting any personal details.

Following these above steps can come a long way to helping you have a great online shopping experience. With the number of smart online shopping security tips, you can help yourself to ensure that you do not fall prey to any nasty surprises when online shopping. Just keep following these steps and stay worry-free.

Enjoy a Happy Shopping and Also HELP others, too.

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