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How to Continuously Monitor Internet Connection Stability in Windows



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Frustrated with your internet connection stability? Do you get page cannot display most of the time? Is your broadband networking stability breaks every 5-10 minutes and restores automatically? The question could be anything related to an internet connection problem, but the first step is always preferred to monitor internet connection connectivity. Earlier, we have shared a few tips on how to diagnose and fix the computer at your home, though you may be interesting.

You can do the internet connection diagnostic test in various ways. For this networking tutorial, we are testing it by pinging DNS server and by using a third-party internet connection monitor software, Net Uptime Monitor. Here you will see, how to continuously monitor internet connection stability using both methods.

There are possibilities of having a problem from your side, even if your modem, router, DNS server, and network connections seem fine. Most of the time, power recycling the hardware can fix the issues. So, before complaining to your ISP or do monitor internet connection stability test, always try to fix the problem by switching off/on the hardware from mains and disable/enable the network device.

How to Ping DNS Server to Monitor Internet Connection Stability?

The server connection works fine for about 5-10 minutes and breaks for about couples of seconds and then it restores automatically. The connecting and disconnecting problem occurs the whole day. This is too much annoying when the problem starts all of a sudden when you’re doing some urgent work.

Below methods to monitor internet connection drops, work for both – wired and wireless networking. Doesn’t matter whether you’re using a cable broadband internet or WiFi network.

Now let’s do the job and start checking the net connection stability.

Here, I am pinging Google Public DNS server IP address (eg: to monitor internet connection drops because Google server never goes down. Open the Run box by going to Start Menu => Run or press Win key+R (shortcut) and type the following command, then hit enter.

ping -t

The –t forces the ping command to run continuously until stopped manually.

Monitor Internet Connection Stability

This screenshot is showing the error of the broken reply from the ping command.

Now see the status of your network connectivity. Look at the above screenshot of the ping command, it will help you to understand the results easily.

It shows the live status of internet connectivity. If the status continuously appears like below example of reply-

Reply from bytes=32 time=285ms TTL=58

Means, the data sending/receiving is passing without any problem. However, in all other cases, the internet connection having some issue.

In the above example of reply, the response time & TTL numbers could be different on your system, although, any other numbers also mean the same that the connection is working.

Use Net Uptime Monitor App to Monitor Internet Connection Connectivity

Net Uptime Monitor helps you to track your internet connection stability, it alerts you about the connectivity fails & up time and also keep the log of all failures time and length.

Net Uptime Monitor tool

This internet connection monitor utility is compatible with all Microsoft OS from Win XP to Win 10 and servers.

The Net Uptime Monitor software is available on the trial or paid version. The paid version will cost you $9.95, however, the trial version is free of cost with some limited uses. The trial version can run for about 30 minutes to monitor internet connection and it closes automatically, but you can use it as many times as you want

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