Top 10 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites To Watch Live Matches Online

No matter how much time we spend with our work, we always find time to watch our favorite sports- either with our friends or otherwise. Earlier, you could only watch a match when it was LIVE or when there was a repeat telecast of it, but times have now changed. With cheap 4G plans, you can now watch your favorite cricket, kabaddi, football, badminton, and various other matches on the best free sports streaming sites wherever you are (needed a reliable internet connection).

Before checking out the list, though, you would also like to check other free and legal streaming websites:

Top Live Sports Streaming Websites

Many websites let you stream live matches that take place anywhere in the world. Some of them are very well known to us, while there are others too which you can take advantage of. Here are the top 10 best sports streaming sites available in India and across the world.

#1 Hotstar Sports

Hotstar Sports

Owned by Star Networks, Hotstar is a premium media streaming application. Here, you can stream all live Football, cricket, kabaddi, badminton and other sports that too in High Definition (HD) quality. All of this is available for free without you even needing a sign in.

The website and app are great as it loads pretty fast and is easily navigable for you to enjoy your sports. However, live streaming is available only after a few minutes of delay in broadcasting. For you to not face this issue, you need to purchase the premium version of the app, where you can enjoy unlimited sports streaming for a whole year.

Watch it on Hotstar Sports.

#2 Sony LIV Sports

Sony LIV sports

This is one of the best free sport streaming sites available in India. It is a part of the Sony group which is a big media conglomerate. Both website and app give you a smooth viewing experience, without the nuisance of interrupting adverts. The app also provides you with the latest news relating to your favorite sports.

Watch it on Sony Live Sports.

#3 Watch ESPN

Watch ESPN Live

There isn’t practically anybody who doesn’t know about ESPN. Being one of the leading sports channels of the world, it also has an app where you can watch the latest live matches online for free without the menace of pop up adverts. However, this is a service only made for the United States, if you want to access it from anywhere else in the world, you need to have a local VPN service which you can use to access content from the US website.

Stream Sports on ESPN.

#4 Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch Sports

This is a website where you can live stream almost any sport. If you want to enjoy live sports, you can simply click on ‘Watch now’ and start the streaming. However, you will have to make do with a lot of pop-up adverts on this site.

You also get multiple views of the same match so that you can see the match from various positions. However, this website may not be available to users in India as it has been blocked. However, you may access this website with the help of local VPN servers or proxy sites.

Live stream on Stream2Watch.


StreamWoop Live Sports

This is one of the best free sports streaming sites where you get a collage of all the important sports which you can stream live. StreamWoop gives you the option of multiple links that you can see for various sports events. This is a website that is very popular with people from the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Watch live sports on the StreamWoop website.

#6 Cricfree

Cricfree Live Sports Stream

Cricfree is one website that allows you to stream any kind of sport for free. This includes sports like Cricket, football, baseball, and other games. The website is designed in an easy to understand format which lets you choose the game and watch it as per its schedule. Though there are some ads which will appear during the match, this is something that most of us can live with. You also have a chat feature that allows you to chat with like-minded sports fans around the world.

Watch the live match on the Cricfree website.


UltraSports Live Stream

This is an all in one website that is sports live streaming as well as a sports news website both rolled into one. You can live stream any latest football, cricket, basketball, tennis or motorsport from this website. It has a very well designed interface that allows you to choose the right sport at the right time. You can watch any sport that is going on live at any point of time with Ultrasports.

Live sports streaming on the UltraSports website.


Fromhot Live Sports

This is also among the best free sports streaming sites for you to visit if you want to stream all the latest sports. The website allows you to live stream all kinds of sports like Baseball, football, volleyball, golf, and others. It has a great user interface that allows you to navigate easily between all the pages. isn’t cluttered with adverts or other content that can distract and annoy people. Here, all you can do is watch the live streaming of your sport- nothing more, nothing less. However, this website isn’t available in many countries like India which has blocked them due to security reasons. You can still visit it using a proxy server or a good VPN.

Watch live on the FromHot website.


Livetv Sports Streaming

This is a website that offers free live streaming of various sporting events and also gives you the best sports videos and live results whenever you want to know the score. It supports broadcasts from sports like Football, Ice Hockey, basketball, tennis, racing, athletics and much more. However, this website may be blocked due to copyright issues in India and maybe elsewhere. To visit it, you may need a proxy server or a VPN.

Watch sports on the LiveTV website.


Bosscast Sports

This is the last free streaming website in our list of best sports streaming sites where you can stream content from leading US sports channels right at home. This includes ESPN, Euro Sport, Premier sport, Fox HD, MLB, and others. Here, you can find a list of all the live sports that are going on at any particular time.

There is also a chat feature where you can connect with like-minded sports fans from across the world with whom you can share your comments about the sport. Like others on this list, this website is, unfortunately, blocked in India and other countries. You might be needing a VPN or a proxy server to access it legally.

Stream live content on the BossCast website.

Wrap Up: Top 10 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites of the year.

These are the best free sports streaming sites that are available for use online. If you are in a place where your favorite sport is not being broadcast live on TV, these sites can be your best friend. Sure, some of them cannot be viewed in India and elsewhere due to Government regulations, but there are others that can help you to get your live streaming fix. You can now always get your best sports on your computer screen and mobile devices whenever needed.