20 Best Free Music Websites To Download Songs Legally

The internet gives us a lot to cheer about. Music is one of them. If you are a music connoisseur, you can use the internet to live stream or download all the latest songs that you want, without paying even a dime. Though there are websites that let you download songs illegally, there are other best free music websites that ensure that you can download songs legally.

Apart from downloading audio songs, you can also find 20 legal sites to download free movies here. Now, let us see some of the websites that allow you to download free music legally.

Best Website To Download Free Music

1. Jamendo Music

Jamendo Free music downloads

This is one website that gives you ample options to choose from, due to its Creative Commons license.  Here, you will find music from thousands of artists whose tracks run into the hundreds of thousands. It has a great user interface which lets you choose tracks based not only on the genre but also by Latest Releases, Most Downloaded and much more.

Jamendo is a site that focuses on lesser-known musicians. Many of its tracks are user rated allowing you to discover new talent.

You can also find the better-rated tracks through its ‘Most Popular’ feature. Jamendo also lets you live stream from radio channels to know which music is the best. If you already have a list of your favorite artists, you can browse their songs on this website.

2. Soundcloud

SoundCloud music download

This is one of the best free music websites that allows you to stream and download your favorite music tracks. Soundcloud has a great artist’s community, who upload their content on its platform regularly.  Here, you can find the songs you want by typing in the song’s name or the artists’ tag in the search bar.

However, some songs can be downloaded only if you like a Facebook page, but this isn’t going to be much of a problem as most of the songs can be downloaded for free using the ‘Free Download’ button below the soundtrack.

3. Live Music Archive

Internet Archive Free Music Download

Archieve.org is also a free music website that lets you download the best songs from concerts. This includes songs from highly diverse genres like Jack Johnson to Sound Tribe Sector 9. You can also browse many kinds of genres by selecting from bands as diverse as jazz, reggae, and jam.

There are almost 1,90,000 results for you to choose from- you can use the various filters to download the content based on original creator, title or date. You can also stream the tracks or download it as a FLAC or MP3 file.

4. Noisetrade

NoiseTrade Albums Legal

This is another free music website where you can download songs from thousands of albums completely free of cost, legally. You can do this by visiting Noisetrade’s homepage and searching for the content in its search bar.

You can also promote the songs of newbies by sharing their albums with your friends and giving them small donations. The songs or albums you want to download can be done so with the help of your Email address- Noisetrade will email you a link for the download of the song/album and you are good to go.

5. Soundclick

SoundClick Music

Soundclick is a free music website that lets you download and stream songs from a variety of independent artists. Some songs are available only for free streaming while others can be freely downloaded from the artists’ website. Here, you can browse through a wealth of genres and select songs that you want to download. Soundclick also lets you view music videos.

On Soundclick, you can stream any one of the more than 5 million songs on offer while you can also download these tracks in MP3 format.

6. Amazon

Amazon Free Songs

You might be surprised seeing this on the list right! Amazon allows you to download thousands of songs for free. These are available for you by choosing them based on genre, alphabetical order, artist, album, reviews or other ways.

Once you have chosen the songs that you want, you can click on the ‘Free’ button and continue to make the purchase. Amazon will then send you a link to download the song once the order has been placed.


DatPiff Free Mixtapes

This is one of the best free music websites for those who are purely interested in hip-hop and rap. It has a lot of free content from various mainstream music artists. You can also find a lot of mixtapes, original compilations and free tunes from performers who want to showcase their talent. Here, you can also get the latest Page 3 news about hip-hop along with a pop-out player for streaming your favorite music.

8. Free Music Archive

This archive offers a huge amount of free music covering all genres. You can choose from thousands of songs here. Sometimes, it is a mammoth task to browse the tracks, but it can be enjoyable if you are a true music connoisseur.

The Free Music Archive also offers you the opportunity to listen to podcasts and studio session live cuts from leading radio stations and artists.


Musopen Free sheet music

This is one of the best free music websites dedicated to classical contemporary music. Musopen is an NGO which lets you download classical music without having to worry about royalties. This is a site that all classical music lovers will love, as you can easily find the track you needed by just searching it in the search tool provided.


BeSonic Music Promotion Network

This website allows you to stream and download songs from thousands of songs that they have through the BeSonic Music Promotion Network. You can use the search bar to listen to songs that you would like, besides choosing from new songs, new artists or the ‘daily most wanted’ section.

11. Gaana.com

Gaana Download MP3 Songs

Gaana is one of India’s best free music websites. Here, you can stream all the latest Bollywood and Hollywood songs from a single place.

If you connect your Facebook profile to Gaana and follow your friends, you can even know which songs they listen to! Thank God that this is an optional feature that you can shut down. You can also use their handy features like gapless playback, night mode, and sleep timer.

12. ReverbNation

ReverbNation music

This is a free music website where popular bands like Imagine Dragons, The Civil Wars and Alabama Shakes have got a foothold in popularity.

Here they shared their music for free and got a lot of recognition in return. You can choose from more than 4 million songs here from genres like pop, hip-hop, and alternative.

13. Audiomack

Audiomack Free Music Streaming

Audiomack is a music download website that is a music lovers paradise as you can discover all the latest songs of artists and labels here. You can select the best of the songs by filtering all the songs as per your requirement. You can also check out the latest songs by browsing the Trending, Top Albums, and Top Songs sections.

14. Last.fm

Last fm song

Initially functioning as a radio station, the Last.fm is one of the best websites for you to download music for free. There is a ‘Free music downloads’ link which you can click to get all the songs that can be downloaded.

15. CCTrax

You can get all the songs here on a Creative Commons license so that it is free and legal to download. This is one of the best free music websites that makes it quite easy to find the songs that you want with the help of filters like label, genre, and artist.

You can download songs from here without making an account and can even download entire albums for free.

16. PureVolume

Being around for more than a decade, PureVolume allows you to download songs from a large variety of artists which include Mariah Carey, Kanye West, and Skrillex, besides a few emerging artists.  Here you would not get all the songs from the artists, but a few of their songs will be for free.

17. MP3juices.cc

MP3Juices Free MP3 Downloads

The MP3Juices is a very handy music website- you can just search for the song you want to download and the site will get it downloaded for you.

This site also lets you cut the unwanted ads or white noise in the songs, besides allowing for converting YouTube tube videos to be downloaded as an audio MP3. However, this is a little tricky legally, do ensure you do not convert files from mainstream artists, lest you will be in soup for piracy.

18. Bandcamp

Bandcamp music

If you cannot find a song that you are yearning to download, this is the site to go to. Here you will find songs that can be downloaded for free by putting a zero at the payment box and then proceeding to download the song. Not all songs can be downloaded like this, however. One big advantage here is that you do not need to create an account to download a song or even an entire album.

19. YouTube

YouTube songs download

There are millions of songs available for you to download on YouTube. However, only those songs which are creative commons can be downloaded.

Some videos will have a download link to the audio, while you can easily convert a YouTube video into audio on various tools online.

20. Wikipedia.org

This sounds surprising, right? Wikipedia offers you mostly classical songs. You will need to have to search for the artist and then copy-paste the URL in a new tab to preview it. You can then proceed to download it by clicking on the ‘Save audio as’ or ‘Save Video as’ option. The song will be saved in a .ogg format. You can then use free software like ‘Freemake Music Box’ to play the song.

Most of the above free music sites allow you to download or stream English MP3 songs but YouTube and SoundCloud both provide a decent collection of Hindi songs and tracks.

Wrapping Up The List Of The Best Music Sites

With these many options available for downloading free music, there will never come a time when you are bored with all the music that you already have listened to. Thanks to these best free music websites, you never need to struggle with downloading the songs that you yearn to listen to. Music is now easily available to you at a click of a button.

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