20 Best Torrent Sites To Legally Download Unlimited Free eBooks and AudioBooks

Many people, or perhaps you too, prefer free downloading stuff from the Internet such as free movies and web series, songs, mobile games, ebooks, etc. But, what is the best, legitimate and free source of those amazing digital content? By the way, there are many legal torrent websites available for downloading free content online. So, here we are sharing some of the best ebook torrenting sites where you can download unlimited e-books for free.

The biggest advantage of e-books is that you can carry them all from one place to another without increasing the weight of your bag. You can easily store ebooks on your smartphone, Kindle, online drive (iCloud, or cloud storage) and the good thing is that you can read them anywhere and whenever you want.

Note: Some torrent sites have been banned in many countries for content theft reasons. However, through the available proxy or VPN app, you can access ebooks torrenting websites to browse and collect your favorite e-books for free.

Now, let’s start the list of 20 best eBook torrent websites to download unlimited eBooks and audiobooks.


Bbooksshare is one of the best ebook torrenting sites

This is one of the best eBook torrenting sites with a simple and easy interface. This site is popular to download and sharing eBooks only. Prominently, it shows the latest books added.

You can find popular books in the upper-left corner of the page and browse the books category-wise. Further, you can search by book title, author name, subject or ISBN. However, you need to sign-up to download.

It has an extensive library of books, magazines and comics. In addition, the books have supported the format for all platforms.

Visit to Books-share.com



The EBookee is like a search engine of a very huge collection of eBooks torrents. It provides links to download torrents files. The site offers e-books by categories and tags. Conveniently, it displays the list of recently viewed books, top 10 e-books, latest added e-books.

Visit to EBookee site.

The Pirate Bay

the piratebay

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular ebook torrent websites. It has a wide variety of categories such as fantasy, science-fiction, non-fiction, and 50 different genres. The site has attracted users with its vast collection and user-friendly interface.

Go to The Pirate Bay.



Smashwords has more than 505000 multi-formats and over 79000 free e-books; All books support all eReading devices. On the Smashwords store, you can find new voices in almost all categories. After an easy registration process, the site provides various useful tools to find books and manage a personal library. Additionally, the site also allows publishing e-books for free.

Visit to Smashwords.


free book spot

Here you can find all categories of e-books like management, medicine, imagination, mathematics, engineering, entertainment. The FreeBookSpot has a large collection of books. Recently, they have made all new books free for the first 5 days only. With quick and free registration, you can download, add and share your favorite ebook link.

Go to FreeBookSpot.es.

Planet EBook


This site offers free classic literature with a classy interface. It has selective high-quality eBooks for literature lovers. It lists the catalog by titles and authors. The ebook format supports all devices. Here, you do not need to register to download the e-book.

Reach it at Planet EBook.



01torrent provides torrents for movies, TV shows, music, games with e-books. It offers a large number of books which are in store. You have search options and a list to find those books. In addition, you can download your favorite collection directly without any registration.

Go to 01torrent.


isohunt torrent

It is one of the best ebook torrenting sites for a long time. Isohunt has a large number of e-books for all types of readers. You have an advanced search option to search for torrents. In particular, you can search for popular e-books for the last 3 days.

If you want to upload a torrent or leave a comment, you need to sign up. In addition, Isohunt returns search plugins and popular proxies links. You can easily select your favorite e-books here.

Visit to IsoHunt website.


torrent download

TorrentDownloads has been working for years to offer movies, music, daily soaps as well as book torrents. The site gives access to all torrents that are available on the Internet. It prominently displays the list of popular torrents. It provides an index for torrents to a large number of users.

Reach the site at TorrentDownloads.com


bookyards torrent

Bookyards allows you to browse its free e-books database with an easy and attractive interface. The site aims to be the ‘library for the world’. It has a collection of 7554 ebooks in various categories. In particular, readers can download the ebook directly without account registration. Signup facility is provided for authors to upload books.

Pay a visit to Bookyards.


many books torrent

Manybooks has been working for over a decade to provide readers with an extensive library of ebooks. The site has an attractive interface for browsing free e-books. It lists various genres like action and adventure, bios and history, children, fantasy, historical fiction, horror, non-fiction, and more.

It has a collection of over 50000 free ebooks and new books are uploaded daily. You can read books online as well as download them for free with instant signup. Additionally, you can look at the essence of the books to see what is in them. The site gives readers the option to write reviews of books.

Go to ManyBooks.


torrentz download

Torrentz is one of the best ebook torrenting sites to download books legally. Primarily, it is a meta-search engine and it indexes torrent sites. With a very simple interface, it is a community of one million users. It has a list of verified torrents on the home page.

Visit to Torrentz.


seedpeer torrent ebook

This site offers torrents for movies, TV series, games, apps, music along with e-books. Primarily, it is a neat and clean-edged torrent site and you can find the material fast here. You can use the category-wise search along with a quick search to find the books you want. In addition, registered members have unique benefits such as posting comments as well as torrents with their usernames, bookmark torrents, etc. However, you can also browse as a regular user.

Go to Seedpeer website.


freee books torrent

This ebook torrenting site has a decent collection in a large number of categories and subcategories. It lists the best audiobooks and great ebooks. Also, it reflects the latest arrivals and latest audiobooks. With quick registration, you can receive books directly in your inbox.

Pay a visit to Free-eBooks.net


PDFbooksworld torrent download

PDBookWorld offers e-books on fiction, nonfiction, academic, children writing eBooks. The important thing is that here e-books are professionally usable in PDF format with features. For example, books have a table of contents, pictures, clickable reference links. The site links to the latest e-books, popular e-books. You also have an alphabetical list to find your favorite author. It lists a large number of genres for you to browse.

Go to PDFbooksworld.

Project Gutenberg

project gutenberg ebooks download

Project Gutenberg offers over 57000 free eBooks without registration. Primarily, the site provides the world’s great literature. Here, you can find free epub books, free Kindle books, download them, or read them online.

Visit to Project Gutenberg.


torrent off ebook download

With a good collection of e-books, this torrenting site is constantly growing with rapidly increasing its users. Crucially, it has a clean look and user-friendly interface. It provides a category-wise list for search.

Visit torrentoff.com


wikibook one of the best ebook torrenting sites

Wikibook has over 100 genres for you to choose from. Most importantly, they have a unique feature among the best ebook torrenting sites i.e. they provide e-books in different languages. Its interface makes the site easy to use. Certainly, user-friendly features and huge collections make this site popular among e-book lovers.

Go to Wikibook.org


magtors books download

MagTors offers over 3 million torrents. This includes torrents for TV shows, music, and songs, movies and prime series, mobile games, software along with e-books. You can easily check the most recent and popular torrents with different links provided.

MyPDFbooks (Domain expired)

pdfbooks free download torrent

Here, you can download ebooks in PDF and ePub format. This ebooks torrenting site lists categories such as fantasy, medicine, and technology. These are links to books by the author and books by genres in addition to the general search feature. In addition, you can subscribe here to receive the latest books and notifications of new posts by email.


With this amazing database on the Internet, you are sure to find your favorite books with free songs, movies, software, and games. So, let’s gear up and start searching for these legal and best eBook torrenting sites and start downloading unlimited e-books & audiobooks for free!

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