Google Maps may add a feature to guide about brighten light streets

Google Maps is an essential app for getting information about any location. Millions of users rely on it every day. This app continues to add new features and options. Now it seems that Google is working on a new feature. It will make people feel secure while traveling or visiting a new place at night. Google map will highlight brightly lit streets at night.

Understand the benefits

Traveling in night-time can not be safe, particularly. It is easy to walk on the familiar road as we know the location a bit. Whereas, travel on an unknown street in a new city with low or no light feels not safe. A report of Google Maps v10.31.0 beta indicates that the Android version of this popular mapping app could soon get a new layer. It highlights streets with good lighting. It will help those people who are traveling a new place on foot.

Streets Lights
Streets with proper lights

Yellow colour indicates brighten streets

According to the string, this new Lighting Layer will highlight streets or roads that have good lighting with a yellow color highlight. It will help users to stay away from streets with low or no lights. The app’s code reveals numerous tantalizing references to the as-yet-unseen Lighting layer.

Google Maps Illustration Picture
Google Map Illustration Picture

XDA Developers shared all the information related to this feature. There are no images or videos of this feature made official, as it’s still under development. Here is the string.

Google Maps Lighting Layer String
The string indicates an upcoming feature of Google maps.

Yet to know

It is not clear that this feature will be available across the globe or for a specific place yet. Apart from that, there is no idea about how Google will plan to get data about brighten streets or service up to date. Meanwhile, if this feature will be published worldwide then, it will be helpful for people to travel to unknown cities alone. Earlier, Google maps added some of the features. It sends you alert if your taxi does not go on the right route.

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