After ruling our smartphones, Google now targets our smart watches

In August this year, Google promised a new update to the ‘Wear OS’, a new watch-based operating system that Google sees as the next Android.

The update is officially rolling out on its first device, the Suunto-7 which is still currently based on Android 9 Pie. Even though many people tried to install the update on their devices, they could not find any system-level features promised last month.

Nevertheless, the main feature of this new smartphone operating service would be a 20% faster boot time. Google has done this after a dedicated team made performance improvements to its core platform. It has also promised wide-ranging changes to the Wear OS, one of which would be making changes to the device control so that the Operating System can help you during your workouts using different modes. However, Google is yet to clarify more on this.

On an official blog, Google claims that the Wear OS will work much quicker, but installations by users haven’t seen any visual changes in their smartwatches yet.

Wear OS update claims a better battery life

On the better battery life feature mentioned earlier, Google does not yet specify what is behind these improvements. On the blog, it says-

“You want your smartwatch to match the pace of your lifestyle. With Wear OS, you can now do more throughout the day and enjoy a longer battery life on your smartwatch.”

The update will be rolled out on more manufacturer devices in the coming months. Google asks users to check with their device manufacturer for more information about the rollout.

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