How to Build Free High-Quality DoFollow Backlinks for Higher Search Engine Ranking

Are you searching for the best SEO tricks that follow white-hat tactics to get free high-quality dofollow backlinks with ease? Well, building free do-follow backlinks is something more trending among entire webmasters and bloggers communities, all the time.

But free dofollow backlinks are only beneficial when they are made with high-quality link building techniques.

And, it’s not quite easier for newbies to build free quality dofollow backlinks.

All search engines like Ping and Google follow links that tagged as “dofollow” or “follow” meta robots and give more importance to such links.

Well, if you’re wishing the high page rank for your blog or website, you should be well-experienced in identifying the high-quality backlinks that come from the high PageRank websites and authority sites.

Before you execute the link building strategy, you first understand the basic concept behind the DoFollow & Nofollow link.

The Dofollow Backlink allows all search engines to follow and pass link juice to the pointing sites.

Quality dofollow links help your website to rank higher in search results and push the Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA) and Page Rank.

The term or keyword “Dofollow Backlink” was first introduced by Google in 2005 to stop black-hat SEO techniques that involved in increasing the ranking of a webpage artificially by manipulating the number of links and unnatural anchor text.

Although, later, Google first released Google Penguin on April 24, 2012, with aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of sites that violate their webmaster guidelines and declared as black-hat SEO.

Well, today here in this post, I am going to reveal some high PR websites that will allow you to get free high-quality dofollow backlinks for your blogs and other professional niche websites.

You can easily check nofollow or/and dofollow backlink with the help of the browser’s inbuilt tool – inspect element to reveal link attribute value.

Try now to know the link type.

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Simply right-click on any of the hyperlinks on this web page and select inspect element.

Check this screenshot for Dofollow backlink:

dofollow backlink

HTML code of a Dofollow backlink-

<a href=””>Facebook</a>

Nofollow backlink looks like this:

nofollow backlink

Nofollow backlink example-

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Facebook</a>

If you’re using a WordPress self-hosted blog or website, you may also notice something strange like

rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”

When you link to another page using target=”_blank” tags, the WordPress automatically adds rel=”nofollow” attribute as a precaution against reverse tabnabbing.

These are not an automatic backlinks generator or high-quality dofollow backlink tricks.

Therefore, you will create all backlinks manually.

I’ve seen many new bloggers don’t know anything about link building and Off-page & on-page SEO techniques. You can easily improve On-page SEO by using the most popular WordPress plugins for SEO but you can’t ignore the Off-Page SEO as well. So it’s also recommended to focus on link building tactics in 2019.

And, to help those beginners, I am sharing this post especially.

Although, top SEO experts and bigger SEO gurus such as Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Roundtable, Danny Sullivan Search Engine Land, Neil Patel from Quick Sprout and Brian Dean from Backlinko know these tactics very well.

After generating free quality backlinks using the below methods, you can follow all the above-mentioned SEO websites to get the latest SEO updates and Google algorithm updates.

Well, below is the list of a combination of .com, .org, .gov and .edu backlinks.

So let’s start building authority backlinks with Google and trusted methods.

free high quality dofollow backlinks google

Yeah! You read it right.

You can get free high-quality dofollow backlinks from a high authority website – Google Plus. Google+ is a most powerful social website and hosted on Google’s sub-domain having #1 Alexa ranking.

Anyone who uses Google plus can easily get do-follow links directly from their Google plus profile.

If you don’t use Google Plus, sign up for an account or use your existing Google account to build free dofollow backlinks. Here are the steps to get links to your site.

  1. Login to your Google plus account => click on Profile from left navigation and Edit Profile button or directly go to
  2. Edit the Story section and add about you in the Introduction field with your aspired brand name/website or blog name/keywords/rich anchored text with the hyperlink to your site.
  3. Once you finished editing. Finally hit the OK button to save the modifications.

That’s all! Nothing you need to do more. Similarly, you can add any number of free dofollow backlinks. There is no limit but 2 or 3 links are effective. is another how-to site having #623 Alexa ranking and placed in the United States.

Hence, you can publish free guest posts on Instructables and guest blogging always recommended for building quality backlinks.

  1. Sign up for an account and edit your profile.
  2. In the edit profile section, look over the field – Website. Add anchored text or keyword in the display name field and your site URL in another field.
  3. Hit the Save Profile button and that’s all.

Now go to your Instructables profile and you’ll see a dofollow backlink just below your username.

Microsoft is a high authority website and its answer site is hosted on Microsoft’s subdomain –

Create high-quality backlinks and drive traffic to your website for free from Google trusted website.

Login to Microsoft’s answer website and post solution for the tech problems related to the Microsoft products. There are plenty of issues waiting for the resolutions.

You just need to provide a solution to a problem. First of all, just pick an issue you can solve and write a blog post on your blog for the solution to that particular problem. Finally, submit your blog post link answering that question.

UPDATE: Dmoz is no more – it’s dead. Its services have been closed on March 17, 2017, by AOL. So move to the next tip.

Get free dofollow backlinks by Dmoz directory submission. (old domain is the most famous blog submission site. Well, getting backlinks from Dmoz is not easy but if your links get approved and listed on Dmoz listing submission then your site will boost page rank.

  1. Land on website and choose a category that describes your blog niche.
  2. Select the sub-category on the next page.
  3. Finally, click on suggest URL from the top menu and enter your site’s details like Website/blog URL, Title, Description and click the submit button.

After your Dmoz submission, an editor will review your suggestion to determine whether they will include your suggested site in the directory or not. You may get the response through an email about your Submit URL.

I don’t need to give an introduction to

Everyone knows about this world’s most popular online shopping website.

  • Visit and create an account or log in using your existing account.
  • Navigate to your profile edit area and add a homepage to your site.

You will get a free high-quality dofollow backlink to your site and the link will index in search engine also. is a marketing community portal on the internet.

So you can use it to get dofollow backlinks free and boost your website traffic.

  • Visit and register an account.
  • Go to your profile and fill up your details. Write your biography in about section following your website link.

Rather, you can add a link in the post description you share on site. By so you can generate free do-follow links from each post you publish on inbound.

Free Edu backlink from the website. You can get a .edu link from the Harvard OpenScholar community.

  • Visit and click on sign up.
  • Register your account on the OpenScholar support community using your name, email, and password.
  • Once you signed up, log into your account. Set up your profile and add your website’s link.

And, that’s how you can get the free high-quality backlink. This will be a nofollow nature backlink that will not pass PageRank or link juice but will increase your site’s trust in Google’s eyes.

Get free dofollow gov backlink from the official website of the Russian Federation.

If you’re a serious blogger, you may know how much benefit of having educational and government website back-links.

To build free dofollow backlinks from a government site, follow these steps.

  • Visit and register an account entering a username, email address, and password.
  • Once you create a login ID and set up your profile following your website link and that’s all done.

You will get free high-quality dofollow backlinks from a government official website.

CommentLuv is the most popular blogger plugin for WordPress blogs that pass link juice to the commentator’s site without spamming or violating webmaster terms.

To get free high-quality dofollow backlinks, find the Comment Luv enabled blogs using keyword phrases in Google.

For example, your niche keyword + comment Luv blogs:

  • “Technology comment Luv blogs”
  • “SEO comment Luv blogs”
  • “Insurance comment Luv blogs”
  • “Web Hosting comment Luv blogs”
  • “Domain registration comment Luv blogs”
  • “Social Media comment Luv blogs”
  • “Health comment Luv blogs”
  • “Food comment Luv blogs”

Here are a few CommentLuv dofollow backlinks generator blogs with PageRank 7:

Use the above URLs to get free high-quality dofollow backlinks to rank high in search engines.

Guest posts are the most popular and valuable way to create free dofollow links.

There are a lot of ways in the worldwide web of dofollow link building. However, building quality links from authority sites still give importance to ranking high in search engine results.

Find high PR websites accepting guest posts.

Do content marketing research & keyword research and write great content related to your niche.

Finally, submit your guest post and links back from the article body to your pages on your site.

Guest posting is the right way to link building in 2019.

Build good relationships with other bloggers that might prove valuable in the future.

  • Whenever you get free high-quality dofollow backlinks for your online project, always make sure that you can edit those links anytime.
  • Prefer building backlinks to your internal pages and posts instead of a homepage of your site. A bunch of backlinks to the homepage sometimes create problems. Hence, Google Algorithm updates can penalize your site.
  • Don’t generate backlinks too fast. So, make it every day – slowly and gradually.
  • Never consider buying a cheap backlink that usually happens on Fiverr and SEOclerks. New bloggers lure towards these cheap Gigs to build high-quality PR backlinks in just $5. No one can provide hundreds of quality links in just $5. So it’s better to stay away from such offers.

Final Words:

Free dofollow backlinks are good but only when you get them wisely. Always keep in mind to follow Google’s Link Schemes guidelines.

I’m profoundly inspired by Brian Dian as he shared a handy guide on how to get backlinks with guestographics in a backlinko blog post.

Hope, bloggers and webmasters will find this post helpful to get free high-quality dofollow backlinks for their sites.

However, there are plenty of other ways to get free high quality dofollow backlinks for your sites but these are some most trusted & easy methods for even a beginner to boost ranking for the new blog.

If you know any other great site that allows building free do follow links, please share with us via comments.

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