How to Create Killer Content When You Have No Time and No Idea

If you are a blogger and do this for a living, then you probably know how much time content writing may take. Even if you are simply sharing your thoughts without researching anything, blogging can be a tedious task to deal with. That is why more and more people ask the same questions: how can I write great content and still have time for doing other things I enjoy?

There are several things one must take into account when they strive to deliver the content of the highest quality within a limited amount of time. And aiming to help both beginners and professionals in this area, I will introduce you to the most efficient ways to create great blog posts for your website in the shortest time possible. So, if it is something you need, read on to get a lot of useful information you can start utilizing for your career right away.

Different Ways to Write Great Content in Less Time for Your Blogs

In this article, I am going to show you 11 ways that can help you to write great content for your blog when you have not time and no idea. So let’s get started.

#1. Stay organized

Stay Organized for Content Writing

This might sound like something you did not ask for. However, being organized and keeping track of your ideas is essential when you are striving to deliver more great content in less time.

We all happen to get fantastic ideas when doing something utterly irrelevant to writing. Such ideas are exactly what you will need when looking for inspiration to create a quick post at some point. So, to save time, write all the ideas down whenever they pop up on your mind.

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The thing is that when we experience pressure which comes with the necessity to write high-quality content right away, we feel stressed out. As a result, all good ideas disappear. To prevent such situations, you should take notes and keep track of all the bright thoughts in your head.

# 2. Have a writing or editorial calendar

editorial calendar

Another idea for you is to write down great ideas into a timetable. Choose one topic for one day and stick to this plan. You can even craft short technical task descriptions in a calendar for better results.

Having a calendar is helpful, as in it, you can set goals for a whole month. For instance, you can choose one topic for the month and connect all the new texts to it. You will save hours on research, as writing about the same subject from different angles means that you don’t have to research for too long every time. Besides, you will end up increasing the traffic without dofollow backlinks, as this is exactly what the post series does. So, try having a calendar with a new theme every month.

#3. Write headlines first

Once you have created a calendar with great ideas for a whole month or even longer, you can save some time if you work on developing good headlines for all future posts.

This task will take you just one evening, but it will save you so much time in the future. Thus, when the time to craft a new article comes, you won’t have to look for ideas on a topic and a catchy title. It is a huge help most professional writers use these days. So, if you value your time, then dedicate one evening to creating good headlines for each text, and when the time to write great content, you will have at least half of all the work done! It is a brilliant way to save time, so do not miss a chance to utilize it!

#4. Work on your own schedule

content writing schedule

Some writers try to do their best by waking up early in the morning and getting to work right away. However, they forget that there is an issue with how their bodies tend to work.

Scientifically speaking, there are times throughout the day when your brain can produce outstanding ideas way easier.

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For instance, a lot of parents face the problem with their kids who refuse to deal with their homework until late at night. And even though some simply do not feel like dealing with the responsibilities right away, some of them are simply more productive later at night.

The same works for writers. If you are not a morning person, then there is no reason to push yourself to the edge and dive into writing at 6 a.m. despite what psychologists say about being happy in these hours of the day. Take the schedule of your body into consideration and write great content when you feel like it.

When you make yourself do something, having the energy for it is essential. Otherwise, you will end up being fed up with the task and pretty useless when it comes to the writing itself.

What makes a good article?

Neil Patel, the co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar, says in a QuickSprout post that “Blogging can be a chore unless you are passionate about the topic. So, first and foremost, pick a topic you are passionate about. Don’t just pick a topic that you “think” you are passionate about. Pick one that you know you’ll love. It has to be a topic that you love so much that you want to constantly learn more about it.”

#5. Create drafts to post later

When you have some inspiration and at least half an hour of free time, you can also consider creating a draft that you can post later. Look at your calendar to see what post is planned next and compose a few sentences for it.

This way, you will save so much time. Instead of giving it time in a busy schedule the next day, you will save it for something more useful now. You can even schedule the publishing for the next day automatically. However, this option is not available on some of the blogging platforms. So, make sure the one you are using has such a feature. However, the most popular CMS – WordPress has this feature to schedule a post for publication.

#6. Simplify

This is a secret of writing fast. You don’t have to use complex terms and phrases to become known as an expert in a particular area. The image of a person who knows the niche very well is built upon the level of one’s expertise and not the percentage of smart words in a text.

If you can say something in simple words, go for it. Don’t make the life of users too complicated. They don’t have to read your articles with a dictionary.

Moreover, the simpler you put it, the easier it will be to craft such texts. So, whenever you can simplify it, opt for it, as it is a great trick to save your time.

#7. Create lists

Writing task list

The good thing about lists is that they are easy to read and craft. You can summarize the thoughts and describe them in a short but practical way. Not only users love lists as hey help them digest complex issues simply and concisely, but they also can save you hours.

The other good thing about bullet points is that they draw more traffic to your website. This is particularly the case for lists shaped in the form of a “how-to” or guidance. When going online, most users seek assistance with questions they want to be answered. So, by answering their questions and helping them find the solution with you step by step, you interest them and encourage such visitors to come to your website again! Use this chance and add lists to your blog for better results.

#8. Use technologies

State of the art technologies

Another thing that might be helpful when trying to compose good content extremely fast is using state-of-the-art technologies. Different tools that can create infographics for you online, for example. On top of that, one can also use various programs to proofread their texts as well as check writing for possible errors. This can save you a few hours as well, which you would otherwise dedicate to doing this on your own.

#9. Use old texts

Use old texts to update old posts

Professionals claim that you don’t have to write a great article all the time. You might as well use old articles and edit information in them. Since time is passing by, you will have to add changes to the information you mentioned in a piece to keep it up-to-date. So, instead of composing a brand-new text, consider editing the old one and adjusting it to new formats and requirements.

For instance, see if you have enough visual aids in your article. If not, then add new pictures of the highest quality and videos with information relevant to your website and blog theme you are talking about at the moment.

See if you have enough keywords in the text you are currently working on. If not, then change this aspect and add more words with value for the SEO.

#10. Make it visual

Sometimes, you don’t even have to craft long reads. You can come up with some brilliant short content and present it with vivid images supporting and illustrating it. It is way easier to find quality images to back up the thoughts you are working on at the moment than to create a huge article on this topic.

So, don’t hesitate to opt for this idea when looking for ways to create great content faster.

#11. Start with outlines

This point refers to adding technical descriptions to the calendar. When you add them, make sure that you dedicate some time to making a good outline for them as well. This can help you to write great content in less time but with the same power in them. An outline is essential anyway because if you write from scratch without it, you are likely to lose focus and end up with a useless text. But instead of writing it at the last moment, write it before you proceed to write the post itself. It can save you another hour.

These are just a few tips that can help you compose quality articles in less time. There is even more to write great content for SEO, but we have selected the most efficient ones. If you need assistance in this area, then feel free to utilize our recommendations.

Hope this post will be proven helpful for bloggers and content writers. Write killer blog posts that will increase your blog subscribers and organic traffic. How do these content writing tips helping you? Do you know other best write great content ideas? Share your views via the comments below. And good luck!

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