10 Best Free Online Punctuation and Grammar Checker Web-Apps for Bloggers and Writers

With the help of online blogging websites like WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr, it is now extremely easy for anyone to express their views through a blog. However, whenever you are writing for someone online, it is expected to be perfect in terms of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. It is not humanly possible for any amateur (or professional) writer or blogger to deliver the best content, you will need to use free online punctuation and grammar checker tools for errorfree writing.

Even the most professional bloggers and writers hire editors and proof-readers to make sure that their content is perfect for their audience. Being amateurs, you just need to reread the entire content and solve any grammatical or punctuation mistakes that get identified using these free tools. Let us see which tools you can choose from.

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Top Online Grammar and Punctuation Check Tools For Error-Free Writing

Such authors whose English is not their native language, they always think…

how to write error-free English?

Here, these top online grammar and punctuation corrector software help them to find the grammatical errors in articles to make their writing error-free.

So without wasting much of your time, let’s check out the list.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular options available out there. It comes in three forms – an online grammar corrector, OS (Windows/Mac) software that supports email clients, messengers & Microsoft office, and a browser plugin for Google Chrome, Edge, Safari & Firefox.

The complex algorithm of Grammarly is designed to check over 250 types of writing errors, these include punctuation, grammar, conciseness, formality, vocabulary, spelling, sentence structure, text format, writing style, and others.

grammarly check tool

Once you finish typing or pasting the text, Grammarly will automatically flag the issues with the content along with explanations of why the issues have been highlighted. Based on this, you can then improve on your content, proofread it and then move forward to publish it.

2. Spell Check Online

This is another among the best spelling and grammar checking tools that work not only for English but also for German, French, Spanish, Swedish, and other European languages. This is a simple editing tool that helps you to find all the punctuation and grammatical mistakes in your content with the suggestion to correct them.

You can copy all your content from Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or elsewhere and run a Spell Check to find all the issues with the content.

3. Paper Rater

Paper Rater Grammar Checker Tool

If you are looking to get your content checked for any grammatical or punctuation errors, this is an ideal tool. You can correct the errors before you give them further. The best part is, this tool also lets you find out if your content has been plagiarized or not. It checks over 10 billion documents to find out if anything has been copied and what needs to be rewritten.

All you need to do is to copy and paste the content in this free grammar check tool and get all detailed statistics about the errors in your content.

4. ProWritingAid

This is another great free online punctuation checker tool with grammar errors. It is more than just a document checking tool, it allows you to make a good copy into a great copy. Their unique software has over 5000 different kinds of improvements that can be made to increase the readability of a text.

5. LanguageTool

This is an open-source free online grammar checking tool. You can edit and proofread content on this site for content written in English and 20 other languages.

The Language tool has a simple dialog box that shows you where you are going wrong with your punctuation and grammar which you can correct accordingly. The best part is, everything is on the website itself and you do not need to install any software of any kind.

6. Ginger: Online Free Spell Checker

Ginger grammar check tool

This is a great free online punctuation and grammar checking tool that has seen a lot of popularity. It has been designed to correct all of your phonetic mistakes, typos, misused words, and other issues with your content based on the context it has been written with.

Ginger has great software that predicts when you are going to make a mistake just as when you are typing it. It is using patent-pending technology to ensure this. The best part is, Ginger can check issues that even some advanced online punctuation and grammar checker tools cannot detect.

7. Grammar Check

This is also a free online grammar and punctuation checker tool that many people seldom know about. With this, you can copy and paste the content to the website and get it checked instantly. This Grammar checker does not save any text or keeps any log files. Your content is surely in safe hands with a Grammar check.

Here, you get underlined prompts that show you what is wrong and then you can correct it accordingly. These underlined prompts come in various colors denoting the type of error so that you can easily correct it.

8. After the Deadline (Polish my Writing)

This is quite a simple best punctuation and grammar checking tool. It is brought to you by a company called Automattic, the same people who run the hugely successful WordPress blogging and website development platform.

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After the Deadline checks even the minor errors in the content which you can copy-paste to the website and correct accordingly.

9. Online Correction

This is a simple free online punctuation and grammar mistakes finder that is free for use. Ideal for people who do not want to waste time with lots of options or a graphics-heavy interface, this tool gets the work done in the shortest time possible. All that you need to do is to copy the content, paste it into the tool and you will get all the spelling mistakes marked in red while grammatical and diction errors are marked in green.

10. Garreston Punctuation Checker

Though this is a tool that only checks punctuation errors, it is quite useful for people who want to ensure that their content is error-free when it comes to punctuation. In this tool, you can copy-paste content up to 10,000 words to check for errors. This makes it ideal for anyone who wants to get their work done without having to break up their content into parts and opening different windows. For any punctuation error, be it improper usage of punctuation or omission of punctuation, the tool shows the error in red, which you can identify and then rectify. However, as the tool only checks punctuation, you will need to use another tool to check for grammatical errors.

If you are writing a blog or an article for any website or news agency, it is essential that you always proofread and check for all kinds of errors. Many people would just skim through the content and read it later if they found it interesting. Having the right punctuation and grammar is crucial to ensure that the content is well readable and liked by one and all. These free English proofreading online tools will help you with that.

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