Who said your smartphone camera is only for clicking photos?

Most of us do not use our cameras the way we should. Generally, it has been seen that teenagers and young college students use the camera to the fullest while we may use our cameras only when we are travelling.

Did you know that your camera can do much more than clicking photos? Here are some apps that can help you with various tasks.

My scans (Android & iOS)

Apps which turn your camera into a multipurpose tool

This app turns your mobile camera into a portable scanner that lets you crop and scan documents. Though there are similar apps like this found in Google Play and the App Store, this one is quite simple to use.

It automatically identifies the document edges and crops part of the documents that may look ‘unprofessional’. What’s more, you can even store files and folders of documents here and also print these directly from your phone. If needed, My Scans also offers paid Cloud-related features.

Get it from Play store.

Warden Cam (Android & iOS)

Warden Cam

We all have that old smartphone which contains all our important contacts and other files right? This app can help you convert it into a surveillance camera for temporary use. You can install this app on 2 phones- one for keeping a watch 24×7 while the other for viewing the footage whenever needed. However, you will be needing a consistent internet connection to use this app.

Available for Andoird and iOS

Night Sky (iOS)

night sky

This is a cool app that you can use while traveling. It can turn your iPhone into a planetarium, thanks to advanced Augmented Reality (AR). With this, you can identify satellites, stars, and constellations right above your head.

Download it directly from the App store.

Google Lens (Android &iOS)

google lens

This is a multipurpose app that lets you scan and translate text, scan codes and identify objects. It is free to use on Google and can be downloaded on iPhones through the App Store and available for Android on the Play store.

Spectre (iOS)


This is an amazing photo editing app, currently available only on iPhones. It allows you to make people disappear from photos, remove traffic and other noise from them all the while helping you get a quality image. This is made possible with the help of computational photography and artificial intelligence.

Get it from the App store.

PlantSnap (Android & iOS)


Found an interesting plant that you want to know more about? Just click a photo of it and PlantSnap will identify and give you more details about it. In fact, it has a repository of 3,00,000 plant and tree species which it can identify easily.

Download from Play store.

Google Translate/Microsoft Translator (Android & iOS)

language translator

These are extremely handy apps when you’re traveling abroad. Google Translate helps to translate 26 languages while Microsoft Translate does the same with 60 languages. When you point your camera to signboards, menus, or other content, these apps translate the content for you in real-time

You can Get it here.

AR Ruler (Android & iOS)

ar ruler

Forgot your measuring tape? No worries, the AR ruler can help you measure anything in real-time with the help of Augmented Reality Technology.  All that is needed to be done is to target aim at the surface to measure and choose until where you need to measure. This app lets you measure linear sizes in inches, feet, cm, mm and yards. Moreover, you can also measure angles, volumes, perimeters, and area.

Available on Play store.

Mathway (Android & iOS)

mathway app

Stuck with a math problem? This app solves everything with just a point of the camera. You can also type your problem into the app. If needed, you can get step-by-step solutions. The app provides all kinds of math answers in an instant.

Get it from the Play store.

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