6 Best News Apps In India For Android Smartphones, Have A Look

With the increasing number of smartphones in today’s world, the number of people who sit in front of Television is decreasing on a large scale. In the fast-paced environment, everyone depends mostly on their smartphones, whether they want to watch their favorite movie or they want to get the latest news with the help of news channels available for free on various streaming apps.

What if I tell you that a lot of news organizations have their dedicated apps to provide you the latest news in the form of articles and videos. On your way to find the best India news apps, you’ll encounter a ton of them on the Google Play Store. To make it easy for you to get the best one, here we have curated a list of 6 best news apps for Android that can help you in getting all information about all the latest events and happenings.

6 Best News Apps In India To Know What’s Happening Around You

  1. Dailyhunt
  2. Inshorts
  3. Google News
  4. Times of India
  5. BBC News
  6. Hindi News Dainik Jagran Epaper


DailyHunt news app

With more than 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a 4.4-star rating, Daliyhunt can be said to be one of the most reliable news apps in India for Android and iOS. The app offers live news in various Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Odia, Urdu, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, and a few more. Dailyhunt provides you latest updates related to the local and regional trends with the help of a proactive team of hyperlocal correspondents. You can even create your profile on the platform, share your thoughts with relevant and self-made hashtags.

The app also provides you a group feature through which you can join a group that has like-minded people or you can even create your own group on the platform and start conversations about a particular thing. Posts on the app also help you identify the latest trends in various fields like sports, politics, cooking, and whatnot. The most amazing part about the app is that it provides you local level news based on the PIN code of a district or a village too. You can like, share and comment down your views to engage with different people on different articles.


Inshorts best news app for android

If you are looking for an app that can provide you crisp and short news articles then trust me, none of the apps can replace Inshorts in that. The app provides you a short summary of 60 words for all the latest news and trends going around in India and the world too. Inshorts gathers news from various national and international sources and then delivers it to you in both English and Hindi. Not only this, but you can also visit the original story via the summary page by just tapping the link available at the end of the summary. The summaries provided by Inshorts consist of only headlines and facts instead of opinions.

The app also offers a feature named ‘search’ that allows you to search for the recent or old story just by searching for the main keywords. Moreover, the search feature of the app also suggests all the available articles related to your query. It instantly figures out your preferences and shows the relevant news on your feed and you can limit the number of daily notifications received by the app too. You can also directly share the news articles from Inshorts to various social media platforms like Hike, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Reddit.

Google News

Google news

Google News can be said to be one of the most trusted news sources that provide you latest articles trending in different categories including tech, politics, sports, and others. The app offers a for you tab that lets you read all the relevant news based on your preferences. Google News offers full coverage of various topics so that you can get a complete idea about a particular topic related to entertainment, science, sports, technology, and other subcategories. From local news reports to FAQs, the app tries to offer every minute detail and provide you all details regarding other events related to the main story.

The breaking news tab offers the latest news from all over the world so that you can choose from any of them and read more about the given scenario to get a clearer picture. The Newsstand feature of the app lets you browse through different news websites and discover new and interesting ones. Google News also works when you have a fluctuating internet connection as the app decreases the image quality and cuts their size so that the page requires less data to load completely. The popularity of the app can be judged by the fact that it has already crossed one billion downloads on the Google Play Store and has a 4.3-star rating too.

News by The Times Of India

Times of India News

Looking for a news app in India that can provide you with the latest news, sharing features along with live scorecards, elections polls, and more, head to News by The Times of India then. The app offers you the latest news in various Indian regional languages including Assamese, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Nepali, etc. You can also get your hands on Live TV offered by the app that lets you watch authentic channels like Times Now, Zoom TV, ET Now too. The app also provides you offline reading using which you can read the news without the internet.

You can also customize the notifications by altering their time and frequency on the app and receive notifications based on your preferences. If you are in a low light atmosphere then you can activate the night reading mode in the app which offers black and sepia themes to continue reading perfectly. The Times of India news app also offers you a swipe left and right feature to toggle between different news articles. The app also offers data saving mode in which you can select if you want to download the images related to the article or not. You can straightaway share the articles from the app to various social media apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

BBC News

best news apps

We can’t miss mentioning BBC news when it is something about the best news apps in India. The app proffers you top stories from trusted journalists all over the world and you can personalize the news offering in the My News section. The app also provides you Live BBC radio that you can listen in the background too while doing other tasks on your smartphones. You also get access to a full range of videos and audios of BBC along with full-screen images and photo galleries. You can also activate the push notifications for the latest news and trends.

From sharing stories to reading topics related to a particular story, you can even control fonts to increase and decrease the text size of the story. In addition to that, you can also unsubscribe to the push notifications by visiting the settings of the app. You can also update the app in the background and keep using it which makes it stand out of the crowd. You can also get your hands on all the latest international news apart from national news as the app extensively covers it too.

Hindi News Dainik Jagran Epaper

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If you are looking for an app that can provide you with news in Hindi and an E-paper too, then Dainik Jagran is the best fit for you. Dainik Jagran app allows you to read news from 400+ local cities and states and you can also read the E-newspaper for free. The app offers more than 200+ E-paper editions that cover 16 different states including MP, Bihar, Delhi, UP, and a few more states. It covers topics extensively so that you can get all the information related to a particular incident or news going on in the country.

The app provides various news sections including positive news, entertainment news, technology news, and business news too. You can also check live scores of various matches on the app followed by expert opinions and match schedules. You can bookmark articles in the app so that you can use them for future reference as per your requirement. The app also has a feature named Fatafat Khabre that gives you all the latest news in Hindi in just 2 minutes. The app also has an offline reading feature that will allow you to read the news without the internet.


The above-mentioned apps can be said to be the best news apps in India for Android. From night reading mode, customized notifications to offline reading mode, every app has something different to offer and is authentic to the core. You can download any of them based on your preference and requirement. Drop your views on the mentioned news apps in the comment box and you can also mention if we missed out on something.