Top 10 Best MMORPG Games to Play Right Now on Your Android

With the proliferation of Android phones, you can now play from a variety of gaming genres available on the Google Play Store. One of the most popular genres is the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games or MMORPG for short. These games allow players to play an endless loop where you can play alongside thousands of other gamers like you in a virtual world.

There are many such free MMORPGs available on the Google Play Store. Some of them have been extremely popular and people are fully taking benefits of these best Andoid game hacking apps. Here is a list of some top MMORPG games that you can play on your Android phone/tablet.

Best Free MMORPG Games for Android with In-App Purchases

Some of the MMORPG games are free to download and install on your android devices, however, these are available with in-app purchases. So, let’s begin the list.

1. AdventureQuest 3D

This is a top MMORPG game that is quite popular among Android users. With this game, you need to make yourself a digital avatar which you can use to raid dungeons, go on quests and do a lot more.

AdventureQuest comes with multi-platform support so you can play it on your Android phone and also on your desktop machine or a laptop PC. With this free MMORPG game, you can also chat with other players from around the world and do many things that you would expect on a social media platform.

2. Arcane Legends

This one is regarded as one of the most successful MMORPG games which are available on the internet. You can play this game both on your smartphone as well as your tablet. You can embark on many adventures, collect pets, join guilds and do a lot more with this game. The best part of this game is that you can compete with anyone across the world through its PvP feature.

3. Aurcus Online MMORPG

This is one game that has been the underdog for quite some time. Here, you can create a character, venture out on quests, engage in combat and raid bosses with your friends. The best part of this game is that you can simply just tap on the character to do impressive acrobatics and other skills. The animations used are awesome too.

4. Celtic Heroes

This is a rather unknown MMORPG game. Having a Celtic theme to the game, you can do almost anything from going on quests to forming guilds/clans. With this game, you can get your character to learn new skills and choose from five character classes. This is one of the few games that allow you to trade equipment with other players.

5. Dungeon Hunter 5C

Do you aspire to become a hero? With Dungeon Hunter 5, you can go on an adventure where you have to move between dungeons to get a bounty. The game promises to give you the best visuals with amazing graphics. You can also get to experience different types of environments through this Android MMORPG game. The opportunities for you are endless, but to gain that you have to fight off bandits and other monsters.

6. Teon – All Fair Hardcore ARPG

This is a game specially made for advance level gamers. It is full of confusing rules and frustrating maze like dungeons. Due to this, sometimes people feel that the game is slow-moving. However, it is quite a power-packed game.

Some might feel that the game looks old school. This is a game for those people who love to solve challenges.

7. HIT

This is one epic MMORPG game. With this game, you can fight your bosses and raid places with your friends and allies. With the wide variety of customizations available, you can slice and dice your opponents and move through various 3D environments. The controls for this game are generally quite simple which makes this game ideal for novices who want to start playing an MMORPG game. With HIT, you can play with your friends by going on quests and exploring the never-ending map of the game.

8. Grow Stone Online

This is a retro-style MMORPG game. It has most of the features you would expect from a multiplayer game – you have a wide world to explore, many people to play with, many treasures to loot and many bad guys to kill. Doing this would be easy as the controls of the game are easy to learn. This game operates under a freemium model where certain goals or treasures are available at a price.

9. Lineage 2: Revolution

This is one of the newest kids on the block. Here you get new age graphics, content and other unique stuff. With this, you also get to use a 50vs50 fortress siege mode which can enhance your gaming experience. With Lineage 2, you can join clans/guilds, go on adventures and do much more.

10. School of Chaos

This is one of the best MMORPG games which is significantly different from the rest. This is due to the fact that the game is set in a school where they’re constantly fighting, bullying and an overall tense environment. Here, you are to fight and improve your skills to survive in a tense environment.

You can also join a gang/clan and have clan wars. By doing so, you make a lot of friends and enemies whom you can deal with by finding weapons and other equipment within the school premises to survive.

This is it folks! We went through a large list of prospective best MMORPG games, but these were the ones that we felt were worthy of being in this android MMORPGs gaming list. With newer versions of the above games coming every time, you can keep updating the app and playing the games to your heart’s content.

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