10 Best Game Hacking Apps For Android Mobiles (Hackers Edition)

Today our world is changing very fast. Everything is now updated from culture to the tech-world. It is hard to believe now that someone doesn’t carry a smartphone. People are turning to be modern and tech lovers. The internet turned into basic needs like food and shelter. Many people are using the internet on their smartphones, do secure online shopping from the comfort of home, and most of them like to play games. And, to help those Android game lovers, here we are sharing a few best game hacking apps for android.

best android game hacking apps

The smartphone is turning into an entertainment source across the world. People like to watch videos and listen to songs, but one thing is similar in every age group, like to play games. Especially youngsters are crazy about playing games.

They play games with full concentration and interest. They try to avoid disturbance during the game. Sometimes, they lose interest due to the game’s difficulty level, in-app purchase popups, and few times ads. The real fun of gaming is without any disturbance and interruption.

Best Game Hacker Apps for Android Phones

Before we jump into the list, we will tell you something about game hacking tricks. Some game hacking apps need rooted-android devices and some work without root access. Rooted devices provide an advantage, but game hacking is possible with unrooted devices too. In this article, we will tell you both the apps so you can get the best experience of gaming.

If you need a guide on Android rooting, check out this post by AndroidCentral.

1. GameGuardian

gameguardian android app

Game Guardian is one of the best memory editor app. This android game hack app has an awesome interface and extra functions. It helps you to speed up your game and scans unknown files. So if you face a problem like game lacking then, this app is for you. It boosts up your android smartphone.

GameGaurdian is one of the most underrated Android game hacking apps because it is not widely known. The app lets you manipulate all your scores, rewards, gold, money, points, and so on. It has a unique system that lets you put your desired level, which you want to increase or decrease. The best part of this application is that it helps you to tweak your scores. This app also has an inbuilt search box. You have to put some value in the search box and proceed according to your needs.

Advantage of the Game Guardian App

The interface of this app is easy to use and understand with no cost. With some little knowledge of how values in games work are useful, especially if you’re trying to extend functions or are trying to proceed with your hex edits. This is the best Android game hacking app is available.

  1. Required rooted Android phones and devices
  2. It supports both x86 and x64 devices
  3. Creative and user-friendly interface
  4. Memory editing and value scanning of game

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2. Creehack

creehack app for android

If you’re crazy about games and you like to play games on android also, then yes gamer this game is for you. Creehack app helps you to play any game in your rooted android devices. However, this app will not provide all features of the game but you can play a game with some specific features. This app helps you to access some features of the game for which you need to pay.


  1. You can play any game for free by using this app.
  2. Android rooting is not required to use this App.
  3. In-app purchases like the unlimited coin, remove ads, upgrade to pro, hints, characters, etc
  4. The best part of the app is you can check a game whether it can be a hack or not by using Creehack.

3. SB Game Hacker APK

sb game hacker apk

If you are serious about your gaming and want to win every time, then SB Game Hacker APK will be the best thing for you. This game helps you to collect the coins and extend your life in-game so that you can play it longer and better. There is no limitation in coins increase or winning the game.

This Android game hacking app is free of inline/popup ads and restrictions to give you a seamless gaming experience. It let you finish the ads and delivers you with a smooth as well as a lag-free gaming enjoyment. By all it means; gaming like a pro.


  1. Android games like Clash of Clans and others can also be hacked using this Android game hacking trick.
  2. Gamers can collect unlimited money, gold coins, lives, and many premium features.
  3. You can use this app hacking trick free of cost as well as there are no in-app purchase options.
  4. You can search any part of the game and starting hacking like you way.

4. Cheat Engine Android

cheat engine apk app

Cheat Engine is one of the most popular and free Android game hacker apps. It allows you to use tricks when you playing your favorite Android game. Cheat engine scans online for modifications that offer the video game player an edge over his/her opponent. For instance, a player can use this app to change weapons, build more obstacles and others in the game.

This app has an impressive game tool in it, that’s why it is in our game hacking app list. The hacking android app is considered to be an extremely useful tool by most of the video game players. This game hack endows game players with the ability to make bigger challenges, they all think that this game hacker makes playing their games much more interesting.

5. Xmodgames

Xmodgames apk

Xmodgames is an application for hacking Android games. This game hacking app only runs on Rooted Android phones. Xmod games not only increases the scores but also can twist game levels, powers of the game characters, and even tweak with inside game features. The application has a user-friendly interface. The app helps you to hack a video game and modify it according to the player’s choice.

This application offers you several game modes for different types of games. It has a decent feature that you’ll get its regular updated versions for the latest games. Xmodgames application is the best known for tweaking video games like Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, Subway Surfer, etc.

The app helps many languages including Portuguese, English, Russian, and Spanish. Altogether, if you are looking for an application that enhances your gaming experience to a new level then Xmodgames hacking app will be your first and perfect choice.

6. Game Killer

game killer app logo

The Game Killer is yet another perfect app for game lovers to have much better gaming experience. The app helps you to adjust the coins, gems, and many other features of any game. It does not provide access to all games. It helps you to play limited games only. Similar to the other apps discussed above, this game hacking app has abilities to hack Android games like racing, adventure, sports, arcade, casual, and others.

Also, this app is very light and user-friendly to use. Another advantage of this app is that it is compatible with many older versions of Android. So it can be used on your older version smartphones as well.

7. Lucky Patcher

lucky patcher logo

The next name of our game hacking app list is Lucky Patcher. This amazing game hacking tool will help you to remove unwanted ads from the game or app. It is often that ads pop-up between your game. You never want to lose interest just for ads. So this app can help you to remove ads.

It can adjust the game memory, too and can help you in license verification. For in-app purchases, you can use the Lucky Patcher. You can enjoy full game features like the way you want.

8. Leo Play Card

LeoPlay android app logo

Leo Play Card is also a very interesting game hacker tool that allows users to play many Android games without any cost. It is too similar to the CreeHack game hacking app, and for this tool, you don’t need to root your device.

This game hacker application needed no root app. You can add unlimited in-app purchases and new units. The best part of the Leo Play Card app is; it almost compatible with all releases of apps.

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Two Best Game Hacker Apps for iOS Users

Also, carry an iOS phone? Here we have included two iOS game hacker apps for you.

1. GameGem

Another part of our game hacking app is GameGem. It is a very fantabulous memory editor app for the games based on the iOS platform. It is very easy to use hence doesn’t need any tech knowledge. This app will allow gamers to change the numbers of gems and other kinds of stuff gamer has in the games. 

To run this app, you will require an Apple device with jailbroken iOS. This will only work with offline games that do not ask you to connect to the Internet to play. To test such games whether they are offline or online, you can do so by enabling the flight mode on your device. GameGem is a trusted app for hack games based on the iOS platform.

2. GamePlayer

If GameGuardian and GameGem are not working on your devices, then don’t panic. GamePlayer for iOS is an alternative option for you. It is in no way better than other memory editors on iOS so far, but it may work with some devices with iOS. Well, you need a jailbroken OS for this app to hack any iPhone game.

Ends Of Best Game Hacking Apps For Android and iOS

So here is the end of our list of the best game hacker apps. We hope you will enjoy the disturbance of the game either ads or hard levels. The article definitely helps you to enjoy gaming with some easy tips, tricks, and game hacking apps. So, break the limits of the game and play like a pro.

Disclaimer: We have not tested these apps. And, such apps may contain viruses/spyware that can steal your information. Therefore, our advice is to use such apps wisely. It is better to use these game hacking apps on a device that does not contain any of your personal/financial information, etc.

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