7 Best Fitness Apps For Android To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Fitness Apps For Android: As a lot of people have been advised to work from home during the pandemic, fitness has emerged out as a serious concern because of little or no physical activities. People are even avoiding going out for a walk and even gyms are not that safe to go regularly because of the pandemic. Workout at home becomes a boring task if you don’t have a vision or guidance. Moreover, working out without proper guidance can even result in a muscle injury or the results of your efforts can disappoint you too.

In the current period, fitness apps have emerged as one of the best alternatives to guide an individual in including workout to their schedule. Fitness apps also help people in setting up a goal and achieving it with a regular effort to keep their body fit. On your way to finding the best fitness apps, you will encounter more than a ton of options to choose from. Here we have curated a list of seven 7 best fitness apps for Android that can help you in achieving all your fitness goals.

7 Best Fitness Apps For Android To Help You Get Fit

  1. Home Workout – No Equipment
  2. Women Workout
  3. Fitify
  4. Adidas training by Runtastic
  5. FitOn Free Fitness Workout
  6. Cure.fit
  7. 7 Minute Workout

Home Workout – No Equipment

Best Fitness Apps For Android

If you are looking for a fitness app that can help you train yourself without equipment, then Home Workout is the best alternative. The app has already crossed 100 million downloads and has a mind-blowing 4.9 star rating on the Google Play Store. The app offers various workout routines that focus on training different muscle groups. From losing weight, customized workout reminders, animated guides for the exercises, charts to track weight fluctuations, Home Workout has a lot to offer.

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It also includes the HIIT training method exercises and 100s of calorie burning workouts. You can also follow a set of multiple exercises in a day and make the app more worthy for you. Home Workout’s parent company Leap Fitness Group has introduced a number of fitness apps on the Google Play Store that can be downloaded easily to follow specific schedules for specific muscles.

Women Workout

women workout

If you are looking for a fitness app that is completely dedicated to women then head to Women Workout at Home. This app is also a product of the Leap Fitness Group and it has crossed more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and has a 4.8 star rating too. The best part about the app is that all the features in the app are 100% free that means you don’t need any subscription to get the best workout tips.

Women Workout at Home offers workouts to boost fat burning, bodyweight workouts, weight loss tracker, calorie tracker, and a lot more to name. In addition to all this, you can also sync the data with Google Fit and use it according to your personal need. The personalized coach tips help you in doing an exercise in the right posture and manner to get the most out of it.


Best Fitness Apps For Android

Fitify has been rated as the best workout app of 2019 by a lot of publications and can be said to have the most interactive interface. The app provides you complete details to plan your workout with the help of different types of equipment including a barbell, kettlebell, swiss ball, resistance ball, dumbbell, foam roller, and a few more of them. Fitify proffers you customized training plans according to your goal, experience, and time options.

The app also works offline which makes it stand out of the crowd. Fitify also gives you 15+ prebuilt recovery sessions including yoga, foam rolling, and stretching to make you feel relaxed. In the app, you can straight away choose your body part and select the type of training for it along with the duration and start focusing on growing your muscles. The clear HD voice instructions of the app help you understand the postures for an exercise easily.

Adidas training by Runtastic

Best Fitness Apps For Android

Adidas’ workout planner can save a lot of money and time for you in preparing the best fitness strategies for your body type and requirement. The app is suitable for the people who want total body burn, improve balance and posture, fat burn, strength training, and a few more. To provide strength to all muscles of your body, the Adidas app offers over 190 exercise positions HD videos so that you can easily understand the right way.

The Adidas app offers world-class trainers for all your strength training, yoga, and fat reducing needs. Moreover, you can also build your own social network on the app so that you can connect with others to keep them and yourself motivated to the core. The app also organizes a lot of fitness challenges that include yoga, HIIT, and running in which you can take part to make your workout more sporty.

FitOn Free Fitness Workout


We can’t miss mentioning FitOn if it is something about the best fitness apps for Android. The app can be said to have the most user-friendly interface and the best part is that it provides personalized fitness plans for free. You can also rely on the app if you want to minimize your stress via yoga practices. FitOn offers you both gym based plans and home workout plans for all your fitness goals in one place. One thing that makes FitOn unique is that it also supports Samsung Watch and you can check your heart rates from the watch while working out with FitOn.

The most amazing part about the app is that it lets the user view training videos of celebrity trainers like Kenta Seki, Christine Bullock, Cassey Ho, and the list goes on. Whether you want videos related to fat burning, HIIT, strength, yoga, FitOn has your back in all the cases. To add a pinch of competitiveness in your fitness schedule, you can also join the live leaderboard of the app to track your progress and top the leaderboard.



Looking for a fitness app that can serve as an all-rounder, go for cure.fit then. This app is a one-stop solution for all your body care needs including healthy food, best exercises, professional guidance, and much more. The cult.live and mind.live program of the app allows the users to attend live workout classes and yoga sessions to start your fitness journey. You can also get the day free trials in the beginning after which you can pay the price of a premium subscription to avail the services.

Care.fit feature of the app serves as a personal medical professional that helps in getting quality care, timely consultations to make healthy living easy for you. The app also provides you full body checkups and consultation with the best physiotherapists, general physicians, and pediatricians. The app has already made its place in the lives of a lot of people as it has crossed a million downloads on the Google Play Store and has a 4.4 star rating too. You can also visit the nearest cult.fit centers to get the best assistance, fitness tips, and healthy food.

7 Minute Workout

Best Fitness Apps For Android

Want to finish your workout in minutes due to shortage of time, hold on then, here comes 7 Minute Workout. The app has ruled the Google Play Store for a long time and has been scientifically proved effective in weight loss also. Whether it is about flattening your tummy or it is about toning your abdominal muscles, none of the other apps can beat 7 Minute workouts. The app lets you access videos that show you the right procedure for all the exercises.

The app’s workout module is based on HICT that includes 12 exercises and one has to spend 30 seconds each along with 10 seconds break in between. In addition to that, the app also supports Google Fit, provides voice guidance, adjustable rest time, catchy UI design, and a few more things for its users. You can also keep the screen on while using the app in case you want to keep a track of your workout and time duration.


You can download any of the above-mentioned fitness apps for Android to start your fitness journey and get a fit body. From different workouts to various coaches, every app has something unique and different to offer. All the apps have been tried and tested before mentioning in the list so you can rely on them in terms of user experience. You can drop your views on any of the mentioned apps and can also mention if we missed out on something.

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