5 Best Elearning Apps For Android In India, Have A Look

Best Elearning apps for android: The pandemic has changed a lot of things for people living in different countries. We are into work from home for more than months and were completely locked down in our houses too. A lot of industries have recorded a large hike in the number of consumers after the pandemic started. Ecommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and games like COD and PUBG gained a lot of new people who regularly use their platforms.

One such industry was the Elearning industry as a lot of people got inclined towards e-certifications and courses. Most of the millennials pursued e-learning to boost their skillset while many teenagers pursued it as an alternative to their coaching studies. As of now, you will encounter a lot of Elearning platforms while finding the best one out. To simplify it for you, here we have curated a list of 5 best Elearning apps that provide the best teachers and authentic certifications.

Best Elearning Apps For Android In India

  1. BYJU’s
  2. Unacademy Learning App
  3. Udemy
  4. LinkedIn Learning: Online courses to learn skills
  5. Coursera: Online courses


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With more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a 4.5-star rating, BYJU’s has emerged as one of the best Elearning apps. The app can be dubbed as the most appropriate one for the UPSC aspirants and students from class KG to 12th. It provides you a calendar feature so that you can never miss a live class. You can also prepare for JEE NEET with the help of engaging video lessons available on the app.

The app provides you a full-fledged platform to test and analyze your skills and you can even go for the revision of various modules on the app. BYJU’s also provides Knowledge Graphs that lets the student understand different concepts in the way they want. Moreover, the app also provides free LIVE classes for the students of class 4th up to class 12th for CBSE and different state boards.

Unacademy Learning App


If you are a UPSC aspirant or a banking aspirant looking for the best lectures online, then Unacademy is going to be the best fit for you. The app provides you different test series on the basis of which you can judge how much effort you have to put in preparing for a particular examination. You can get access to the video lessons made by the best subject matter experts.

The platform offers multiple teachers for a single subject which makes it easy for you to switch to a different teacher if you are not able to understand anyone of them. You can also get your subjects related doubts cleared in the live classes. You can also get the lecture notes in order to understand the concepts well with their help.


best elearning apps

Udemy has a large library of more than 150,000 video courses available at affordable rates. You will get courses related to topics like coding, yoga, drawing, writing, and a lot more on the platform. The best part about the platform is that it offers both paid and free courses out of which you can decide which one is appropriate for you. The app has content from more than 50,000 subject matter experts and in around 65 different languages.

From learning a new language like Python, Java, or more to getting certified in meditation, yoga, and music, you can do anything and everything on Udemy. You can also download the complete courses and learn them offline. Not only this, but you can also get various courses sharing insights about how to be a bit more productive at your office or workplace.

LinkedIn Learning: Online courses to learn skills


If you are looking for an app that can help you learn courses to boost your professional growth then no other Elearning apps can beat LinkedIn Learning. The platform offers various courses based on personal grooming, business skills, and the latest tech, you can enroll for any of them to start boosting your skills. You can showcase the certificates offered after the completion of the course and attending a small test related to that particular topic.

From courses ranging from 1 hour to several days, you can go for any of them. The app allows you to set a learning goal for every week so that you can exactly track your progress. The app even allows you to download the LinkedIn courses for offline viewing and even save them to watch later. LinkedIn Learning offers you around 16000+ different courses based on SEO, marketing, languages, UX/UI, graphic designing, 3D animation, photography courses, and a lot more.

The most amazing part about the app is that new courses related to different genres are added to the app every month. The learning apps subscription comes with the Linked premium subscription that also allows you to get all the insights regarding how good competition you are at a job, who viewed your profile, and a lot more features. However, you can go for the individual learning subscription that is available at a lesser price on LinkedIn.

Coursera: Online courses

best elearning apps

Coursera provides you the access to a library of more than 2000 courses based on different specializations. The courses offered by the Elearning app have been created by the top universities and colleges in the world. It clearly means that the courses will provide you a massive boost in professional growth. Whether you want to learn a programming language or you want to try your hands on cybersecurity or anything new, Coursera has your back in every case.

In order to get certified or for enrolling in a particular course, you can either pay per course and enjoy the benefits or you can also take a subscription for a specialization. The price range for different courses and certifications on Coursera starts from INR 2000.

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The apps mentioned above can be dubbed as the best Elearning apps available for Android and iOS in India as of now. From live classes, reminders to lecture notes, every app has something different to offers in terms of features that help in enhancing your growth and productivity.

We keep updating our lists at regular intervals so you can visit us again to get the latest tech updates. You can drop your views on any of the apps mentioned in the list and can also share if we missed out on something.