7 Best Cricket Games For Android Smartphones, Have A Look

Cricket Games For Android In 2021: The Android gaming industry has seen a significant hike as a lot of people are home quarantined or were in the lockdown and enjoyed gaming. Most of the millennials love experimenting with different Android games including action, sports, puzzle games, and a lot more. One such category that has millions of fans is cricket games. The majority of Android smartphone users love to play various cricket-based games.

From mini-games like stick cricket and heavy games like World Cricket Championship, most of them have garnered thousands of real-time players. Finding the best cricket games on the Google Play Store is a quite complicated task as you have to go through a ton of options. To simplify it for you, here we have curated a list of 7 best cricket games for Android in 2020 that can provide you with the best gaming experience.

7 Best Cricket Games For Android In 2021

  1. Real Cricket
  2. Big Bash Cricket
  3. Stick Cricket Premier League
  4. World Cricket Championship 2: WCC 2
  5. Sachin Saga Cricket Championship
  6. World Cricket Battle 2
  7. Gully Cricket Game 2021

Real Cricket

best cricket games for android

With more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a 4.1-star rating, Real Cricket 20 has become one of the most popular cricket games for Android in 2021. The game focuses on providing you the best cricket experience as you can play various ODI World Cup matches in the game too. The game also provides an option to save the highlights of your cricket match and share it on social media with your friends.

From various batting styles and different angles of playing a shot, the game gives you complete liberty to play the ball your way. You can even select the time of matches in the game i.e., morning, evening, and night. Moreover, the game also gives you review options like hotspots and the ultra-edge effect.

Want to play the game in an international stadium, no issues, just select any of them from the given options including Capetown, Dubai, Wellington, and Melbourne. The indoor stadium options include Mumbai, Kolkata, and Pune.

Big Bash Cricket

big bash

Big Bash Cricket can be said to have the best visual effects as compared to other cricket games for Android. The game lets you play one of a kind shots with different players and has provided easy controls so that anyone can understand them easily. You can choose between different match options including unique challenges, quick play, or a full-fledged season.

In Big Bash Cricket, you can collect the cards of different star players to create your ultimate team of the best 11 in the game. You can also go for multiplayer matches to enjoy the game with your friends and other online players. You can enjoy the premium features of the game by purchasing the premium pass that includes free unlimited local player access, unlocked ball trails, unlocked impact hits, and obviously no ads.

Stick Cricket Premier League

stick cricket

If you are looking for compact cricket games for Android, then the Stick Cricket Premier League can be the best fit for you. In the game, you can create your captain and a dream team to create an empire and play different cups. The game offers you on-demand stadiums, national and international both, you even get bidders from all over the world who want you in their team. Your team owner will buy star players from all over the world for your team so that you can deliver the best performance in the games.

Star bowlers have more chances of taking wickets and star batsmen have more chances of hitting sixes in the game. To be the best in the game, you need to conquer all the five trophies. Your owner will also provide you the best bowling, batting, and fielding coaches to enhance the performance of your team.

World Cricket Championship 2: WCC 2

best cricket games for android

If you are looking for a game that provides a next to real cricket gaming experience, then you can go for World Cricket Championship 2. With the brand new local rivals feature of the game, you can play one on one matches without an internet connection which makes the game stand out of the crowd. From the Ashes to Ashes test and various cups, the game offers you a pure realistic aura where you can enjoy playing with your favorite team and favorite players.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the game offers real time rain interruptions, realistic ball physics, player appearance customization, AI based opponents, cinematic cameras, and a lot more to name. You can play with around 18 different countries and in more than 42 different stadiums in the game. This cricket game for Android also shows the 3D wagon wheel and hawk eye bowling summary after every over. The batting timing meter in the game lets you play powerful shots on exact timings.

However, a major drawback with the game is that after every over, you have to watch an ad that can be a bit irritating when you are playing the game with full focus. This can be only avoided if you purchase the premium pass of the game as after that, WCC 2 goes ad-free.

Sachin Saga Cricket Championship

Sachin saga

If you are a big-time Sachin fan and want to play being him in the game then go for Sachin Saga Cricket Championship. In the game, you get a legendary mode in which you can play as Sachin Tendulkar and even play in the same stadiums he used to play. The game allows you to start your journey as 16-year-old Sachin and live the complete 24 years of his career. The app also lets you hit more than 28 different shots in the game.

You can also participate in the World series mode and can play highly energetic international tournaments. In addition to that, you can play two over Quick Blitz to pass your time and practice for the bigger tournaments in the game. In the events mode of the game, play time-limited cricket matches and top the leader boards. With a dozen camera angles and replay angles, you get one of a kind cricket experience in the game.

World Cricket Battle 2 (WCB2)


We can’t miss mentioning the World Cricket Battle when it is something about the best cricket games for Android in 2020. You can play against real-time players and even create private rooms to play only with your friends. In the auction mode of the game, your team owner can bid for the star players in the game so that you can have a strong team. The advanced AI of the game will never let you hit continuous sixes without extra efforts which make it one of the most difficult cricket games for Android.

From real-time factors like rain and application of the Duckworth Lewis Method, the game tries to include all-natural conditions you encounter during a cricket match. You can play various tournaments like the Asia Cup, T20 World Cup, World Cup, and a lot more. Features like commentary box with commentators, net practice sessions, weather changes, changing bat during the game make it more interactive.

Gully Cricket Game 2020

Gully Cricket

If you want to relive the memories of the time when you used to play cricket in the streets then trust me, no other game can replace Gully Cricket 2021. With more than 100 different gully match setups, you can again break the windows of your neighbors and be the champion of your gully. The game proffers three different modes including Gully Ka Raja, tournament mode, and the arcade mode.

In the arcade mode, you can play the five wickets 30 ball game in which you have to score the best possible in limited balls. You can also go for the one wicket mode in which you get unlimited balls and can play until you are down. In the Gully Ka Raja mode, you need to outclass 15 teams and register victory in three gullies.

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Above mentioned games can be termed as the best cricket games for Android in 2021 available as of now. From real-time rain to different fielding situations, all the games have something different to offer in terms of gameplay and performance.

You can download and enjoy any of them as per your preference. Feel free to drop your feedback on any of the mentioned games and you can even mention if we missed out on something.

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