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Brain Training Apps: It has been a long time since the world is suffering due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Most people have found their way out to do different things while staying at their homes. Some of them are indulged in online classes, some go for gaming and other things while you can see a majority of people taking care of their body and exercising at their homes. One of the most ignored aspects these days is mental work or the process to remove mental stress.

There are a lot of brain training apps that can help you in enhancing your memory and make your mind sharp during the quarantine. These apps also help in reducing your stress and increasing your concentration power which will definitely help you in the long run. You will encounter a lot of options on the Google Play Store while finding the best brain training apps for Android. To simplify your search, here we have created a list of 7 best brain training apps that can help you in boosting your memory.

Best Brain Training Apps for Android To Boost Your Memory

  1. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles
  2. Elevate – Brain Training Games
  3. Lumosity: Brain training
  4. Left vs Right: Brain Games for Brain Training
  5. WordBrain
  6. Braindom: Tricky Puzzles, Brain Games and Brain Tests
  7. Math Exercise for Brain

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

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Brain Test has secured the place at the top of the list with more than 100 million downloads at the Google Play Store along with a 4.6-star rating. The game offers you various brain teasers that are way different from traditional brain games. The most amazing part about Brain Test is that the game provides completely unexpected answers that will blow your mind. The game can be played by people of all ages as it has a different level of difficulties.

You can also play the game without the internet which makes it different from the other brain training apps for Android available on the list. A major drawback of the brain test is that it shows a lot of ads while playing the games that can be irritating at times. However, you can ditch the ads by purchasing the premium subscription of the game available at a price of Rs 350.

Elevate: Brain Training Games

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Elevate has made its place in the Google Play Store Editor’s choice and it offers 35+ brain training games that can help you in boosting your memory. If you want to improve your processing speed, math skills, memory, or attention, Elevate got you covered in all the situations. It has been claimed by the app that the people who use it for brain training thrice a week have shown a lot of improvement in their memory and productivity.

The brain training app provides you detailed performance tracking along with customized workout according to your requirement at the point of time. The workout calendar provided by the app can help you in tracking your performance and keep you motivated. You can go for the premium version of the app to get access to various other VIP features. If you want to first test the premium version, then you can first opt for the 7 days free trial of the premium version and purchase the permanent one based on your experience.

Lumosity: Brain training


If you are looking for an app that can provide you with the latest brain training methods, then head on towards Lumosity. The app features brain games based on science that helps people in improving their problem-solving capacity, attention, flexibility, and speed too. As of now, the app proffers more than 50 brain training exercises, and the number increases with every new update of the game. You can find various challenges in the games related to language, problem-solving, maths, and a lot more to name.

The app also offers a workout mode that allows you to create a customized set of brain training games and you can also challenge your brain in different ways using it. The app also tells you about your weaknesses and strengths that will surely help you in improving the aspects in which you are weak. In case you want to get personal brain training and completely precisely customized plans then you can purchase the subscription of the app that is available at a price of $11.99 per month and $59.99 for a year.

Left vs Right: Brain Games for Brain Training

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Left vs Right gives you 51 brain games that help you in boosting different qualities like patience, reflex, reasoning, awareness, precision, and adaptability. The most amazing part about the app is that it has been specially designed for the colorblind people too. You can activate the colorblind mode in the game by visiting the settings tab. In the game, you can train any of the three mentioned categories with regular brain games and you can also go for individual games by using tokens.

In order to access all the six categories of brain training, you can purchase the subscription offered in the app. Left vs Right offers 4 different subscriptions including weekly, monthly, yearly, and a lifetime subscription. This game also offers a 7-day free trial so that you can know what it is going to offer you in the premium version.


word puzzle

This game has already crossed 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and has made its place in the Google Play Store Editor’s Choice. It offers free word puzzles for people of all ages. It can be said to be the combination of crossword games and word scramble. With thousands of challenging levels, the game lends you a chance to increase your brain power and vocabulary at the same time.

Moreover, the game is available in 15 different languages that make it stand out of the crowd, which means you can play the game in 15 different languages and try to master the ones you use in daily life. In case you get stuck on any level, you can take the help of hints to clear it. The developers of the game have claimed that there is not a single level in the game that cannot be solved.

Braindom: Tricky Puzzles, Brain Games and Brain Tests


If you are searching for brain games that offer out of the box puzzles then go for Braindom. This brain training app will help you in boosting your IQ to a great extent. You get various quizzes, trivia, brain puzzles, riddles, word of trivia in the app. To boost your cerebral power, Braindom provides you a lot of tricky questions and trivia too. It can be said without a doubt that the game helps in increasing your free thinking.

The astonishing part about the app is that you can also apply real-life logics to various riddles and solve them easily. You can also go for hints in case you are unable to cross a particular level. Traditional brain training games like color tricks and word games are also included in Braindom. The game offers you an easy to use interface that will help any of the user to use the game without any hassle. the game also offers various brain teasers based on mystery-solving, who’s telling a lie, who’s lying, who’s the killer, who’s the mother, who did it, who’s the father, and much more.

Math Exercises for the brain, Math Riddle, Puzzle

math puzzle

If you are looking for a compact brain training app that is completely based on maths then your search will end on Math Exercises. The app boosts your brainpower and lets you face off various people all around the globe. The app offers various education puzzles, concentration enhancing games, 2048 puzzle games, and much more that make it interactive.

You can also see the leaderboards of players and top it with your skills and constantly work on increasing your brainpower. The app also has an IQ trainer that completely focuses on helping the user in increasing their mental ability with the help of brain training.

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The above-mentioned games can be said to be the best brain training apps available on the Google Play Store. From interactive puzzles to one of a kind trivia, all the games have something different to offer. You can choose any of them according to your preference and play the free or premium version of that particular brain training app. Drop your views in the comment section on the games available on the list, you can also mention if we missed out on something.

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