What about hospitality, players’ families, security? IPL franchises fret over preparations

NEW DELHI: The UAE is hosting the IPL this year. Due to the pandemic, teams need to take extra precautions for their players. This also means no crowded stadiums in this year’s IPL.

When it comes to long tournaments like the IPL, player’s families join them anytime for a specific period. The franchises are in a bind as they do not know how to arrange for accommodation while maintaining social distancing norms.

‘There will be players who have kids aged between 3 to 5 and how do you keep them in a room for two months?’, a franchise team’s official asked.

A senior BCCI official has stated that in the UAE, there are many three-star boutique hotels and resorts that can be rented out completely for the teams, as these are as good as the five star hotels back home.

The official suggested to accommodate the players in separate cottages within the resort sparing them the risk of contracting the virus due to centralised air conditioning.

One option the franchises have is that they can host their players in separate cottages within a resort. Centralised air conditioning here can help to reduce infections to a minimum.

Catering for the teams during the break also has its own challenges. The staff and the food need sanitization to ensure no harm to the players.

For clarity, the teams are waiting for the BCCI’s Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) for organizing the preparations.

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