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7 Legal Ways to Watch Adult Videos (Age Restricted YouTube Videos)

The YouTube videos that contain either nudity, explicit language or violence, are put under the 18+ category. YouTube users cannot watch such videos unless they sign in to YouTube with their Google account. Therefore, to bypass the age verification, we are presenting 7 legal YouTube tricks to watch adult videos without logging in.



watch adult videos YouTube legal

YouTube has some fair policy on age factor video browsings such as nudity, Sexy 18+, explicit language or violence. Therefore, without logging in to YouTube with a Google account, it is nearly impossible to watch adult videos and sexy movie clips, legally.

When you suppose to watch free adult content on YouTube, it asks you to sign in to confirm your age and click Yes to the following warning message:

Content Warning: This video may be inappropriate for some users.

Such adult clips are restricted by the YouTube users’ community or determined by the video uploader. And, as per the YouTube legal policy, users can not directly watch adults online without the age verification.

But, what about those who don’t have a Google account or don’t want to log in for privacy reasons (just for watching adult video clips)? Well, today, we are going to pass on a few helpful YouTube tricks to bypass the age verification legal warning. So, go through the below methods to watch adult videos that are entirely legal.

7 Ways to Watch Adult Videos (Age Restricted YouTube Videos) Legally without Signing In

Here are the 7 legal tricks to enjoy age restricted YouTube videos online without using any app, browser add-on/extension or plugin.

Warning: In the below examples of YouTube URLs, we are using a video link of real love and sex doll, which is not appropriate for kids and users below 18 years of age. It is all for just a demonstration purpose. So, use the examples wisely.

#1 Watch_PopUP Trick

Generally, all YouTube videos URL looks like:

To watch adult YouTube video, replace “watch” with “watch_popup” in your YouTube video URL. It will play the video legally without any age restriction notification.

Once you make the changes in your YouTube URL, it will look like the above URL, which will give you access to watch adult videos on YouTube. Now, the legal warning will no longer appear. Hence, it will play age restricted videos inside your internet browser in full-screen mode.

#2 Embed Trick

The first YouTube trick to watch sexy videos without login to YouTube works fine for most of the users. But, in case the first trick fails, you can also try any of the below tricks to watch erotic videos.

watch adults online legally

Copy your YouTube video ID (see the screenshot) you wish to access and paste in any of the following links.

Finally, use this URL in the internet browser’s address bar to play the video instantly.

Another YouTube hack and will work right inside the You Tube. For an effortless process, look in the video URL and edit it. Replace the string “watch?v=” with either “embed” or “v“.

#3 NSFW Trick

NSFW stands for Not Safe for Work. It generally used in the emails and interactive discussion places (like internet support forums, community websites, and blogs) to mark hyperlinks and URLs, which link to videos and other potentially disturbing pages that contain nudity, intense sexuality, profanity, violence, gore, or/and other sexuality contents.

You can also bypass the age restriction warning to watch adult videos via NSFWYouTube. You just need to add NSFW just before and after the www. as shown in the following example.

#4 Use of Word – Repeat

Similar to NSFW, you can use the “repeat” word in the URL to play age restricted videos.

Now, head on the URL and add the word repeat after the and will turn like this –

#5 Use a Proxy Server can help you to watch adult videos without any restrictions. Using a VPN or proxy works most of the time to bypass the geo and age restrictions. It doesn’t matter whether your IP is banned or you just afraid to log in, proxy bypass the digital walls.

YouTube works better with a VPN rather than a proxy. So consider getting a VPN service for hassle-free videos and movies watching, legally.

#6 NetTube for iOS

Apple lovers who use iOS devices can also watch restricted contents right on their iPhone and iPad.

Download the NetTube app, which allows you to surf and watch nudity contents without having register or log in.

#7 Musepic for Android

If you’re on Android devices, the Musepic YouTube player is the best fit for you. It is a freemium app but comes with in-app purchases.

Just like NetTube iOS app, it also gives freedom to watch age restricted without any Youtube account.

Final Words for Watching age restricted YouTube Videos without Signing in

If none of the above legal tricks work for you to bypass YouTube age restriction, probably, the YouTube sexy videos have disabled the video embed option. Moreover, if you’ve turned on the YouTube Safety Mode, you’ll still not be able to search and watch adult videos.

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