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Get Notification When a Particular Facebook Friend Come Online



facebook friends online notifier ios

Do you usually wait long hours for your best Facebook friends to get them online? Do you log in too often to check whether your favorite Facebook friends are available for chat?

In fact, it happens with most of the teenagers in most cases.

Are you in a relationship with someone?

Don’t shy… 😜

Probably, you would like to share your feeling of love through the comment section at least.

Generally, if anyone falls in love with someone on Facebook and committed a relationship, he/she never miss a chance to chat with their lover. They keep on checking Facebook every hour to know their online status.

I can’t explain their feelings here. 😍

Well, in my case it generally used to happen to me when I was a student and in fact, it may also happen to you.

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Although, it is a pain and complete waste of time to wait for someone continuously being online.

But just imagine; if there is an app or tool that can help you to get notified when your Facebook friend come online just like any “Online Notifier for Facebook”, will you install that right away?

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Of course, you will…

So here you’ll learn how to get to know when Facebook friends come online via getting the push notification on your phone or internet browser.

As a result, you would be able to sleekly focus on your work and study.

While using Quora, I suddenly look over a question “How do I know when my girlfriend comes online on Facebook and WhatsApp?”

Proactively, I decided to write on this topic.

Currently, writing about Facebook friends online notifier but will soon cover on WhatsApp as well.

Get Free Notification on Phone Whenever Your Special Facebook Friends Come Online

Well, what about the apps that send you a push notification about the visibility of your FB friends?

Of course! There are some Android and iOS apps available on the internet that notify you when your best Facebook friends available online.

These apps are pretty cool to get the notification on your smartphone when your desired Facebook friends come online even when you’re offline or not logged in.

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Yeah! There is no matter whether you’re online or offline. They work pretty well for Google Android OS and Apple iOS (iPhone & iPad).

Try these applications to get your friends online status without keep signing in to your Facebook account.

Worrying about your online availability?

The app doesn’t share your status with your friends; means you will be offline or invisible to your Facebook friends until you log in.

Facebook Friends Online Notifier App to Get Push Notification – Android Phone

There are huge apps available on Google Play Store related to online notifier app to track online Facebook friends, however here I am introducing you few best of them.

You can download and install it directly from Google Store.

facebook friends come online notifier apk

Once you install the app, open it and log in to your FB account => Pick up the friends you want to track and finally, click on done.

Now you are ready to receive the push notification on your smartphone.

Isn’t a cool app?

Of course yes! An extremely simple way to track your friends without letting them know.

Get Push Notification on iPhone Whenever Your Best Facebook Friends Come Online – Apple’s iOS Devices

Using Apple device like iPad or iPhone and wish to notify yourself when few of your favorite friends on available for chat on Facebook?

No worries. I also found an app on the App Store.

iTunes also has many apps to keep tracks of online activity of your FB friends.

However, the following is the best iOS app-

Who’s Online is also a great app for iOS devices that sends you notification exactly when your Facebook friends come online or checked in nearby you.

facebook friends ios

If you’re not ready to buy it, you can try Who’s Online Lite.

The free version is also available in the store, just search there.

Likewise, you can also try Online Notifier for Facebook on your MAC system (laptop & desktop) to track your online Facebook friends.

Download the MAC app from here.

This is a Paid App and only compatible with the machine running MAC OS X 10.8 or higher with 64-Bit systems.

How to Use Online Notifier for Facebook on Google Chrome Browser?

Prefer to get Facebook Friends Online Alerts through chrome?

You can achieve this by using this Google Chrome extension that notifies you about your Facebook friend online status.

It very useful if you’re a regular internet surfer.

Just install this extension and get relax.

The Facebook online status updates will pop up on your PC while you work on the web.

Now never miss a possibility to chat with your loved ones or any other important person in your life.

Try any of the above apps and get the push notification on your smartphone and computer when your special Facebook friends come online.

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