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Traffic Rules for Defensive Driving in India – Safety Tips

Defensive Driving Online Tips – It’s always important to know the safety guidelines of traffic. Check out top 10 golden rules and regulations for defensive driving.



There is no doubt to say that every person should follow the traffic rules and regulations for safe, happy and defensive driving. It’s very easy to drive a vehicle, but what about the safe drive? It is important for everyone to keep in mind some common and really important things while driving a vehicle (bikes, scooters, cars, etc). Well, here we are sharing 10 safe driving tips for new learners.

World Health Organization has been revealed, in its first-ever Global Status Report on Road Safety. The report is pointing out on drunk driving, speeding, low use of helmets, and seat belts and child restraints in vehicles as the main contributing factors. As per WHO every hour, 40 humans which comes under the age of 25 die in road accidents around the world. I have found that a majority of accidents occur either due to the driver’s error or due to the negligence of the safety norms.

safe driving tips

Follow road safety rules and save yourself & others by safe and defensive driving.

Defensive driving is just pointing toward the common sense than anything else. Always keep in mind that ‘the roads are full of idiots’ and it depends on you that how to drive safely. Well, look at some safe driving tips in India.

Traffic Rules & Regulations – Safe Driving Tips

Below is the list of top 10 safe driving tips for learners or new drivers. I have written these road traffic safety rules according to the Indian transport.

  1. Always remember to wear a helmet while driving a two-wheeler vehicle (bike, scooter, etc) and for four-wheeler (car), should fasten your seat belt while driving. Not for the fear of Cops but for your own safety.
  2. Reduce your vehicle speed when approaching an intersection.
  3. Make a plan of your route in advance & always try to avoid rush hours or crowded routes to save the time and fuel.
  4. Unnecessary riding the clutch may cause loss of energy and damages clutch-lining. So it is suggested to use clutch only when you change gears.
  5. Never n Never use or talk on your cell phone while you are driving. Park your vehicle on left-side of the road, then you may use.
  6. Never drive vehicle in case you have drunk. Around 25,000 people die each year in alcohol-related accidents; 500 people are killed weekly and 71 people daily in alcohol-related accidents. So mind it.
  7. Always follow traffic rules, traffic signals, and road signs while driving.
  8. Must use Rear-view Mirrors while turning, lane changing or stopping a vehicle.
  9. Always give indicator lights to others when changing lanes or negotiating a turn.
  10. Never forget to ensure regular preventive maintenance of your vehicle. It might be very dangerous if vehicle breakdowns on road all of a sudden.

Life is precious, follow these safe driving tips and make it your general habits.

Indian Traffic Signs And Their Meanings

With the above safe driving tips, it is also important to understand the Indian traffic road symbols. See below picture for Indian traffic signs and meanings.

The below image is categorized into the 3 heads: Mandatory Signs, Cautionary Signs, and Informatory Signs. Our safe driving tips guide also recommends understanding road traffic signs.


Mandatory Signs are used to informing vehicle riders of traffic laws and regulations to provide safety of traffic. Safe driving tips are also warning road users do not violate these signs as the signs are legal offense.

Cautionary Signs warn the drivers of the existence of a certain hazardous condition, whereas the Informatory Signs are used to guide people about social convenience like identification points of historical and geographical interest, inform about distance and destination, and provide other general information about hospitals, Petrol Pump, POS, etc.

Now we want you to strictly follow the above safe driving tips and make the road travel easier, safe and pleasant.

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