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How to Transform Windows 7 into Windows 8 Skin Pack?

If you don’t want to install/upgrade your OS to Windows 8, try Windows 8 skin pack to convert your existing operating system into Windows 8 without computer formatting and system update.



windows 8 transformation pack

If you’re a big fan of Windows customization and love to try different OS tweaks, this post may be useful for you. Here, you will learn how to transform Windows 7 into Windows 8 using 8 skin pack (Windows 8 transformation pack) without compromising with the PC performance.

The customization package gives you the freedom to completely redesign your operating system and make it look like Windows 8. In case you’re using Windows 10 on your computer and want to change skins, check out 11 best Windows themes and skin pack to transform your Windows into Windows XP Pro, Windows 95, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, etc.

There may be a various reason that holds you back to get a copy of Windows 8 operating system like your computer hardware doesn’t meet the Windows 8 requirements or anything else, but by installing this Windows 8 transformation pack, you can enjoy the look of Win 8.

The theme pack is well-designed and gives a cool look to the Windows operating system. Try Windows 8 interface using Windows 8 transformation pack that will give you a closer look to Windows 8.

Free Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack

Hamed Danger is the developer of the Windows 8 skin pack. Once you install this transformation pack over windows 7, you will see the differences between Win 7 and Win 8.

You can download Windows 8 transformation pack for different OS bit version. We are sharing download links for both like 32-bit and 64-bit. According to your operating system bit, download the package that supports by your current operating system.

Free download 32bit package or 64bit package and install on your machine.

Features of Windows 8 Skin Pack

While installing 8 skin pack, you can enable the elements you want to change about the way Windows work. Following are some features of Windows 8 transformation pack.

  1. Completely transform Windows 7 visual style with Windows 8.
  2. Transform Win 7 sound effects with Windows 8.
  3. It changes the graphic designs and fonts with Windows 8.
  4. Update with Glass UI theme configurations.
  5. Convert basic impressive UI (user interface) with Metro Start Screen.

Remember to make a note that before you iinstallWin 8 transformation pack on your computer, make sure you create a system restore point so that you can easily roll back the changes if something goes wrong while using the Windows 8 theme pack.

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It will enable the original Win 8 elements such as charms bar, tile user interface and other visuals.


Windows 8 transformation pack is a Windows 8 alternative solution to enjoy the Win 8 OS on a Win 7 installed machine. The transformation pack is a third party software, hence, use it wisely. ElkeesMedia doesn’t have any affiliation or relation with the skin package developers by any mean. If you like it, give it a try.

The Windows 8 skin package installer is hosted on Softpedia and may include third-party app and advertisements. Make sure you backup your computer data before installing the package.

Bookmark this page and let us know how 8 skin pack is working. If you find any problem with the software, please add your comments so that we can update the post for accuracy and comprehensiveness. And, if you find it useful, share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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