Nepal: The latest casualty of China’s vested interests

NEW DELHI: China’s policy of expansionism and influence amongst smaller countries has had its latest casualty. Vested Chinese interested have robbed the Nepalese government of its authority, according to a report published by the Global Watch Analysis

The author of this study explains how China corrupts the political class of the country and forces them to pursue the interests of Beijing.

One example is when China condemned the US’ action of slapping economic sanctions on Venezuela. Nepal’s ruling Nepal Communist Party too, followed suit, denouncing Washington and its allies’ sanctions on Venezuela. This was probably the first time Nepal has taken a stand against US policies in Latin America.

Another worrying trend is of the worsening human rights conditions of Tibetan refugees in Nepal. Many of them came when the Dalai Lama fled to India in 1959. Currently, Nepal is home to more than 20,000 Tibetan refugees. Human Rights Groups have alleged that newer arrivals of  Tibetans to Nepal face threats of deportation to China.

In fact, the aforementioned report states that any attempts to protest against China is dealt with a heavy-handed response by the Nepalese authorities. The Chinese have been giving doles to its loyalists in the Government, creating a network of loyalists within the Nepalese establishment.

“With Nepal’s Prime Minister’s Office, including its senior advisors, known to have established a transactional relationship with China, it raises serious doubts about the autonomy of the government and its ability to take independent decisions,” the article states.

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