Good news for passengers: Railways revamping e-ticketing website with AI

NEW DELHI: To make the process of booking a train ticket even smoother, the Railways is revamping the IRCTC website using artificial intelligence. Once implemented, it will have interesting features that will help you from booking a ticket with ease to enjoy a comfortable journey.

The IRCTC website was last upgraded in 2018, the website will now support a new look along with the integration of hotel and meal bookings. The Railways are using the power of Artificial Intelligence to make passengers’ lives easier.

Now all railway tickets will have a QR Code

Besides redesigning its website, the Railways are also going to overhaul its processes. They are planning to implement ‘contactless ticketing’ where a scannable QR Code will be printed on all tickets booked online. Even on tickets booked physically, passengers can expect to get an SMS which will have a link connecting it to a QR Code.

The railways aren’t looking to go completely paperless with this revamp, but passengers can still buy platform, reserved and unreserved tickets online to save time.

What’s more, the railways are planning to introduce certain trains which will be run by private companies. This will result in competitive fares and will help the railways to compete better as against a weakening domestic civil aviation sector. This is a golden opportunity for the railways to offer airline-like services at competitive rates.

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