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Google Ad Grants for Nonprofit Organizations (Free AdWords to Charity)



Are you running a nonprofit organization? Are you helping the humanities? Thanks to Google Ad Grants program that offers free AdWords or Google ads (advertisement) to the nonprofits organizations and/or charities.

Google is doing such a great job by helping the nonprofits. The company is running a campaign in which they provide free advertising credits for nonprofit sites – worth up to $329 per day or $10,000 monthly in order to promote their missions and initiatives.

Ad Grants is a donation program from Google Inc. To learn more about the program, have a look at Google Grants on its official site.

Is your Nonprofit Eligible for Google Ad Grants?

This is a big and important question. Your organization should meet some most important criteria in order to pass the Google Ad Grants eligibility.

  • You must hold current and valid charity status- 501(c)(3) status, determined by the USA.
  • The nonprofits should have a functioning website with substantial contents.
  • You must have to agree and accept the certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use.
  • The organization must provide the Employer ID (EIN).

The following organizations are not eligible for Google Grants:

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  • Government entities and organization.
  • Healthcare organizations and Hospitals.
  • Childcare centers, Schools, Universities, and academic institutions. However, philanthropic arms of educational organizations are eligible

Get Premium Google Products by Google Ad Grants

  • Google Ad Grants: Free AdWords advertising via keyword targeting to promote your site on Google.
  • Google Apps: Free version of Google Apps including Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and much more.
  • YouTube: YouTube for nonprofits provides premium branding capacities to increase upload capacity on YouTube Channels.
  • Google Earth and Maps: Google earth outreach grants provide a free license for Google Earth Pro and Maps API for business.

If your nonprofit organization meets the above conditions, you can apply for Google Ad Grants online. The approval of your application may take unto 6 months, administered under Google’s nonprofit team.

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