Top 5 Life Hacks on How to Keep Valuables Safe While Traveling

At some point of time, we all are going to travel far away from our homes for business or leisure.  Traveling far away from home can be an exciting adventure, knowing a new culture, new people and tasting new food can be an exhilarating experience. However, to ensure that there are no nasty surprises that can ruin the trip, you need to know some of how you should keep your valuables safe while traveling. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 ways in which you can keep your valuables safe while traveling.

1. Get insured before you leave

Many insurance companies offer you travel insurance for any trip that you undertake, but this might not be sufficient. Many precious items, such as expensive cameras and jewelry, might be excluded from travel insurance. You should first check with the insurance policy of the item if travel insurance is covered or not. If not, you can go ahead and take travel insurance before you leave.

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2. Ship your valuables to the destination (or home, if you have bought something pricey)

If you want to carry expensive items, it is better to courier it to the destination rather than taking it yourself. This can take the responsibility of taking care of these precious items off your shoulders.

This is also applicable to the expensive items that you purchase at the destination. You can courier it to your home instead of carrying it in person on your way back. This is the most convenient way of keeping your valuables safe while traveling.

3. Carry your valuables in person

Many of your valuables can be kept safe by keeping them with you at all times. You can use a money belt locked at your hips to keep all valuables like your passport, visas, hard cash, and other valuables. With this, your money can always be safe. You can keep your valuables safe in a purse or pocket.

If you need to carry something bulky, you can pack it and carry it separately along with your hand luggage. Whenever you are traveling in buses or trains, you can keep this in between your legs. This also applies when you are eating out in an unknown place.

4. Secure your bags with locks

You need to ensure that all your bags are locked. This is essential especially in the case if you are traveling with valuables in your check-in luggage. Many bags come with built-in combination locks which are a great way to secure your luggage without needing to carry a key around. However, your bags cannot remain secure just by this.

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If you are traveling by train or bus, you can carry a bike/chain lock and secure the bag with the luggage rack. This way, if you are going to the restroom or you move from your seat, nobody will try to flick your luggage.

5. Avoid carrying valuables unnecessarily

It is always advisable to travel with only those items that you truly need. Do not carry with you expensive items that do not serve any purpose. This includes valuables like expensive jewelry, branded watches, expensive electronics and the like. If your baggage gets lost or stolen, you might be in for some nasty surprises. This would ruin the fun of the trip.


These are the simple but effective ways you can ensure your trip can be a memorable one for a lifetime. You can keep your valuables safe by ensuring that you are always keeping a watch on them or securing them with the best locks possible. With these small yet significant travel hacks, you can proceed to enjoy your trip to its fullest.

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