Bakri Eid 2020: Toned down celebrations?

eid al adha

NEW DELHI: Muslims across India will celebrate Eid-ul-Adha or Bakri Eid minus the extravagance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government has directed people to buy goats and sheep online instead of gathering in Bazaars. The markets of these animals will be closed due to government guidelines.

Additionally, State Governments have asked Muslims to offer prayers at home instead of the mosques.

Bakri Eid is one of Islam’s most revered festivals. It marks the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his only son Ismael according to the will of God. When done so, the Prophet realised he has not sacrificed his son, but a lamb instead.

To mark this act of loyalty towards God, Muslims sacrifice a goat or other animal and divide the meat into three parts- one for the poor and needy, one for relatives and the last for home use.

This ‘Festival of Sacrifice’ symbolizes people’s devotion to God with the aim that every Muslim should sacrifice everything they have if needed for the love of God. As per the sighting of the moon, people in India are to observe the festival on Saturday, 1st August while elsewhere it will be celebrated on Friday 31st July.

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