Launched a year ago, Chandrayaan to orbit moon for another 7 years

NEW DELHI: Chandrayaan 2, India’s second lunar mission, has completed a year in orbit. It has enough fuel to last seven more years with all of its instruments working well.

The orbiter entered the moon’s orbit on August 20 last year after its launch on 22nd July 2019.

“Though the soft-landing attempt (of the rover) was not successful, the orbiter, which was equipped with eight scientific instruments, was successfully placed in the lunar orbit. The orbiter completed more than 4,400 orbits around the Moon and all of its instruments are currently performing well”, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) said in a statement.

Chandrayaan 2 was the ISRO’s first attempt to launch a rover on the unchartered South Pole of the moon. The rover, crash landed, but the orbiter is still working just fine.

The Chandrayaan-2 orbiter transmits raw data to the Indian Space Science Data Centre(ISSDC). Here, the processing, downloading and examination of the data is done ever since the orbiter reached its orbit circling the moon.

There were many objectives behind the launch of this mission. Some of them were to understand the moon’s topography, expand the knowledge of the moon, and to know more about the origins of the moon.

India’s first mission to the moon, Chandrayaan 1, gave us proof that water still exists on the moon and that there are subsurface polar water ice-deposits there.

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