Amazing Bluetooth Names for Your Mobile Phones


Are you looking for funny Bluetooth names for your mobile phone to impress your friends?

Well, today we are sharing some cool Bluetooth names for mobiles.

Just change the default Bluetooth name of your mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, tabs or any other Bluetooth device with below amazing cool and funny Bluetooth device names.

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Best Funny Bluetooth Names List

Check out some cool Bluetooth names for your mobile, you can set anyone from the below list of Bluetooth names as your default Bluetooth name:

Here are the list of 55 Cool Bluetooth Names 🙂

  • 10$ Charged!
  • Virus Alert !! ^_^
  • Neela Daant *
  • Vola! *
  • LiPsTiC SpOiLeR
  • F***k Y***u
  • No Device Found!
  • Unknown Device
  • 404 Error! Not Found
  • Loading Trojan
  • Wild Cat …MEOW !!!
  • Try Again
  • System Error
  • Erasing System Files…
  • Virus Infected!!!
  • Connecting Error
  • Cute*$p!ce g!rl*
  • Looking Device
  • Device Not Found
  • Error!
  • Device Error!
  • Under Progress…
  • Searching!

  • Damage Device.
  • Error found!
  • Black Hole
  • Virus!
  • No Device Found!
  • Oops! Search Failed!
  • Your Dad!
  • Osama Bin Laden
  • Connection failed! Restart your phone
  • Virus Detected!
  • Anonymous!
  • Remote Donator!
  • You Fool!
  • Hey Son! Come Pair Up
  • Accepted
  • Looking Your Device!
  • Fatal Error!
  • Bite Me B***h!
  • I’m Paid!
  • Sweet Devil!
  • Press Red Button

  • Le Bhikari *
  • Unidentified Sending Object
  • Phone Balance is Rs.0
  • Battery XPLOSIVE
  • Restart your Bluetooth
  • Your Dad!
  • Chulbul Pandey *
  • BlowMe!
  • Send2Me!
  • Scary File!
  • Virus.exe!
  • Porn File.jpg
  • Error 404!
  • Sending Message
  • Terrorist
  • BBC (Bluetooth Broadcasting Center)
  • KhemCho ? *
  • Jaldi De Bey! *
  • I am your BOSS
  • bOOks – the O’s ?
  • Damaging Phone

Note: * Red asterisk mark define the language change in Hindi (Indian language).

Hope you will like these funny and cool Bluetooth names.

If you know any other great Bluetooth names, please share with us via comments.



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