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Free Avast Antivirus 1 Year Genuine License Key – Official Subscription

avast antivirus

UPDATE: As per Avast statement, the all newer versions of Avast Free Antivirus will no more ask you to register for license code. And, all older versions will keep working even after they have gone “expire”.

Avast antivirus is a most famous antivirus & anti-malware application that not only shields your computer from critical threats & viruses.

But, it also renders extra security layers throughout your PC to protect your personal and banking data from hackers.

Probably, you already aware of the free version of Avast antivirus that is entirely free-of-cost.

Hence, you don’t need to spend anything to protect your PC until & unless you are using that for your personal computers (non-commercial usage).

avast antivirus

Free download avast antivirus from, Filehippo or Softpedia and use it continuously for 1 year without any interruption.

But once the free license key got expired, you will be required to get another Activation Code to keep using Avast free forever.

To obtain another activation key, you will just need to buy a copy of avast antivirus from Avast Store Do a simple free registration on (banking information may require like credit/debit card).

Well in this tutorial, you will see how to register to get a free 12 months Avast license key.

But before explaining with the steps for free antivirus download and activation key registration process.

Let me propose you to some key features of Avast antivirus software and their other security products.

Not Interested in Avast Features & Products? Skip to Main Topic.

Free Antivirus Essential Features & Benefits

Avast antivirus software is protecting over 230 million devices worldwide.

It’s available for almost all devices such as Windows PC, MAC, Android, iPhone & iPad.

The company is providing security programs for home users, enterprise businesses, and school/colleagues.

Following are some great features inserted in the Avast free antivirus software.

  • Real-time Protection – Free antivirus keeps active and continuously works in the background. When it detects viruses, malware or/and anything suspicious, it alerts you to take an action. You can execute an action such as moving to quarantine, delete, add to trusted, no action.
  • Reclaim Browser – This is an impressive feature for non-technical guys. It protects your internet browser from unwanted browser extensions and hackers. Many times hackers hijack browser to steal login details and bank credentials using browser add-ons. And, also they make money online with your online searches. To get rid of all these activities, this feature is beneficial.
  • Password Protection – Free avast antivirus also shields your login passwords and usernames from hackers.
  • Basic Password Manager – This option allows you to log in anywhere with just one click. No need to memorize all passwords for the different account. Avast made it unbreakable.

Remember The free avast antivirus software doesn’t provide full protection to your system as compared to other paid antivirus programs. If the company is charging something, there may be definitely something more to provide.

Avast Software Security Products for All

The Avast is a true protection security product to protect everything on your machine.

This antivirus program claims for least impact on system performance.

Well, here are some most favorite general security products:

Pro Antivirus – Provides protection for Intelligent antivirus, CyberCapture, Smart Scan, Home Network Security, Sandbox, Browser Cleaner, Password Manager, Secure DND & SafeZone Browser.

Internet Security – It includes everything from Pro version and additional Firewall & Anti-spam feature.

Premier – This program includes all features of Avast Internet Security with additional features like Automatic Software Updater and Data Shredder.

The Pro, Internet Security & Premier software used for general purposes in small to medium type business.

However, next is a high-end protection product for large corporate businesses.

The Endpoint Protection Suite Plus made for large businesses but you can also use it for small companies

Avast Endpoint Protection Suite Plus

Endpoint Protection Suite Plus provides full protection for all types of businesses.

If you own a business where company’s data matters a lot, you will need a top-to-bottom security protection.

Almost, to keep your business safe and running smoothly.

It provides machines and servers security suite for business with anti-spam, Firewall, Exchange Integration and SharePoint support.

Maximum protection on Workstation, File Server, Email Server, Network Firewall and Remote Management.

The Endpoint Protection Suite Plus includes features of Endpoint Protection, Endpoint Protection Plus, Endpoint Protection Suite, File Server Security and Email Server Security.

How to Get Avast Activation Code or Free Avast Antivirus License Key for Latest Version?

Following is the step-by-step process to obtain free antivirus product key directly from official website.

  1. If you’re currently using Avast antivirus on your computer, it’s good. But in-case you’re looking for an installer setup, free download avast antivirus 2018 from the avast official site and install it on your PC.
  2. Once the program installs successfully, you can directly activate it through the Program Interface. Launch Avast antivirus => click the Register button and start the registration process. For users looking for another 1-year activation key, here are the steps.
  3. Visit the avast offer page and fill the simple form.
  4. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email ID and Country, then click on REGISTER FOR FREE LICENSE KEY button and that’s it.

Once you finished the registration process, you will get your free license key on your registered email address within 30 minutes after the successful registration.

If you don’t find any email received from avast even in last 24 hours, please check your email’s JUNK or SPAM folder.

Got the email from with a new license key or product activation key?

First of all, Congrats!

Now enter that key in the antivirus program to continue using it after the trial period expires.

You may also get the detailed instructions on how to insert avast free license key in the email received.

Hope you’ll like the post. Looking for any technical help for free avast antivirus software or the process of obtaining the license key? Please contact Avast or do comment below.

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