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Forgot your genuine Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP product key? Misplace the original CD box of your operating system installation disk? Well, there are chances to lost the genuine license key of your Windows operating system because Microsoft provides the product key on a sticker inside the CD/DVD pack.

So here we’ll give you a tricky mantra that will help you to find out the lost Microsoft Windows Server 2003 & Windows XP product key from your Windows installation CD/DVD or ISO image.

windows xp product key

The system prompts to enter the original product key at Windows installation time.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP operating system is still widely using by most of the people in all around the world due to its user-friendly features, and users become habitual of its interface. They think that –

“this is the most easiest operating system to operate even by a beginner”

And, this is the fact that now Microsoft is neither supplying Server 2003 & Windows XP for sale nor providing any kind of tech support to the users.

Windows XP support has ended on April 8, 2015, and Windows Server 2003 support has ended on July 14, 2015.

So now if you have no idea that where your Windows XP product key is, go through the below trick to get back your lost Server 2003 and Windows XP product key without any third-party application.

How to Find Windows Server 2003 & Windows XP Product Key from the Installation Disk or ISO?

When you install Windows XP or Server software from a bootable CD, it’s always required to provide a valid and genuine license key. But in case, you don’t activate Windows software at the time of installing, the system gives you 30 days time period to enter the key and activate Windows operating system.

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Well, don’t worry and follow the procedure below to find your original Windows XP product key from your installation disk.

1. Insert Windows XP installation CD into your computer’s CD/DVD drive and explore it.

2. Go to My Computer from the desktop, and then right-click on the CD/DVD drive and click on explore or open.

3. Open the i386 folder and find the “UNATTEND.TXT” file (the file name was just Unattend).

4. Right Click on Unattend and open it with notepad.

5. Now scroll down the file until you go to the last line and woo! you got the product key at the bottom of the file. The product key is written in front of you.

Watch the above demonstration video

Didn’t Find the Windows Server 2003 or/and Windows XP Product Key Via Above Method? Try Below One

Insert the genuine server 2003 or Windows XP compact disk into the CD/DVD drive. Launch Windows Explorer and open the optical drive or CD-Rom.

Open USWXP32P_ZX folder (this folder may be hidden. if you unable to locate this folder, then search for a unattend.txt file and tick mark the “Search Hidden Files”). Finally, open the sysprep folder and open unattend.txt with any text editor like notepad.

Within the unattended.txt file, you can easily find your lost Windows server 2003 and Windows XP product key from installation disk itself.

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