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How to Get the Name of an Unknown Mobile Number Holder



Are you looking for the ways to trace a phone number? It’s never been so easy to get the owner name of almost any mobile number subscriber. However, social media platforms indirectly made it easy finding the name of an unknown phone number holder.

If anyone calls you anonymously or you often get miss calls on your phone from an unknown number, you can now find his/her name easily.

Earlier, there were no direct methods to search contact details of any number.

However, with some social media tweaks, you can achieve it.

Ways to get contact details of an unknown phone number

So let us begin! Following are some ways to trace and find unknown phone number owner name.

Method #1 Use Truecaller to find mobile number details

Truecaller is the most popular and best caller ID app which offers reverse phone number lookup service. The company with the biggest mobile number directory that can search over 3 billion phone numbers.

How Truecaller Works?

To search an unknown mobile number in True caller, either you can install the Truecaller app or can go to the official website of Truecaller.

Sign in to Truecaller to find mobile number detail with your Google or Microsoft account on their website or registered with your mobile number on the App.

Once you log in, your account will connect with Trueucaller and it will automatically sync your details with their phone directory. And, that’s how Truecaller gets the user details with name and profile picture and make them available to the public.

Now whenever a Truecaller user searches your mobile number, Truecaller finds and gives them your name and photo.

Well, if you ever wish to remove your contact details from Truecaller’s database, you can unlist your phone number easily. To learn more using Truecaller, go to find unknown caller details via Truecaller.

Method #2 Using Number Based Messengers like WhatsApp

There are plenty of mobile number based messengers available you can use such apps as a phone number owner tracker. Some most popular Chat Messengers are WhatsApp, Hike, Wechat, SnapChat, Viber, Line, Telegram, Kakao Talk etc.

If you’re using any of the above-mentioned messengers, then just save the number in your phone contacts from which you usually get blank calls.

Now launch the messenger and refresh the contact list so that the messaging app can sync the contact with the server. Once the saved contact is recognized, you can see his/her name and profile photo in the profile area.

That particular user must be also a user of WhatsApp only then his/her details will reflect in your WhatsApp contacts.

Method #3 Using Facebook Site or Messenger

Facebook is another social media platform available to stay connected with each other on the internet.

Well, Facebook doesn’t need any introduction. Probably everyone knows about FB.

Generally, while creating a Facebook account, users need to either provide an email address or mobile number to use its services.

If someone created an account with his/her mobile number or added a phone number for security purposes that can be used to fetch his/her details.

To search a mobile number owner details, use the Facebook Search box.

If that particular number belongs to any Facebook account and not being hidden under privacy, you can easily fetch unknown mobile owner details.

So this method is also helpful to find the owner of any mobile number.

It may also get other personal information including location, job, date of birth, friends, personal pictures, email address etc if his/her profile publically available.

Method #4 Use Twitter & Google

Twitter is the world’s second-biggest social media network site. You can also use Twitter to find people via phone number.

But also note that this option disable sometimes by the user for privacy reasons.

You can also search for a phone number directly in Google search.

If that number belongs to any company and mentioned on any website, Google can fetch it for you.

Look at Google search snippet and reach the relevant site to get more information.

Method #5 File a Police Complaint or Cyber Cell

If someone bothers you or your wife or girlfriend by calling from an unknown number and you went frustrated, then don’t wait for anything now.

Just go to the police station or cyber cell department and file a complaint with that mobile number.

The department will investigate and give you the information of the anonymous caller. Never try to mislead the police by telling lies or you may fall in trouble.

This method may be difficult and you may also have to make some expenses.

Bonus Advice: Share such cases with your relatives and friends. Check in phone number directory. Make a call to the unknown caller from another anonymous number and try to make friendship or use your mind to gain more information. But be careful…. It can be risky….

Hope the above ways for finding the owner name of an unknown phone number will be proven helpful.

Lalit Sharma is a professional blogger at Elkees Media and writes blogs related to latest technology, culture, trends, etc. He is also founder & chairman of Elkees Technologies &

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