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Get Notification When a Particular Facebook Friend Come Online



Do you stay online on Facebook so long to wait for a particular friend? Or after a short interval you login to your account to check whether he/she available for chat or not? Well, in my case it generally used to happen to me when I was a student and in fact it may also happens to you; that’s why you’re here. So below you’ll learn how to get to know when Facebook friends come online via getting the push notification on your phone.

Actually it is totally waste of time to wait for a particular person to come online. Well, what about the apps that send you a push notification about the visibility of your Facebook friends?

Of course! There are some Android and iOS apps available on the internet that notify you when your best Facebook friends be online.

These apps are pretty cool to get notification on phone when your desired Facebook friends come online even when you’re offline or not logged in.

Yeah! There is no matter whether you’re online or offline. They works pretty well for Google Android OS and Apple iOS (iPhone & iPad).

Tired of waiting for someone special to come online on Facebook? Try below applications to get her or/and his online status without keep signing to your Facebook app.

Don’t worry the apps don’t share your status with your Facebook friends; means you will be offline or invisible to your Facebook friends. Extremely simple way to track your Facebook friends without let them know.

Get Free Notification on Phone Whenever Your Special Facebook Friends Come Online – Android Phones

There are huge apps available on Google Play Store related to online notifier app to track of online FB friends, however here I am introducing you one of them.

Online Notifier for Facebook found extremely useful. You can download and install it directly from Google App Store.

facebook friends

Once you install the app, open it and click on green button named Add friends to Tracking List.

Search and add friends to the tracking list to get alert when they’re available for chat. Now you are ready to receive push notification on your smartphone.

Want to buy Facebook friends? Need free Facebook friends or wanna increase Facebook fan page likes? See our earlier post on how to increase facebook likes.

You can also head on the app settings to configure settings according your need like setting up the custom ringtone or specifying the interval of track friends.

Alternatively you can also check the Buddybuzzer friends notifier app by pepalo developer for the same job.

Get Push Notification on Phone Whenever Your Best Facebook Friends Come Online – Apple’s iOS Devices

Using Apple device like iPad or iPhone? No worry! iTunes also has many apps to keep tracks of online activity of your Facebook friends.

Who’s Online is also a great app for iOS devices that sends you notification exactly when your Facebook friends come online or checked in near by you.

facebook friends ios

If you’re not ready to buy it, you can try Who’s Online Lite. You can also try another app Fav Alert.

Now never miss a chat with your loved ones whether he/she is your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or any other important person of your life.

Just try any of the above app and get push notification on your smart phone (Android, iOS – iPhone/iPad) when your special Facebook friends come online.

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