Corrections Policy

In journalism, mistakes can and do happen even after the application of due diligence procedures. At The Elkees Media, we do not hesitate to acknowledge them and respond when brought to our notice. Therefore, we try our best to correct the mistakes as soon as possible. The completeness and freshness of information represent two indispensable values in the online journalism world, and The Elkees Media believes that accuracy is equally essential. We ensure expediency in making corrections as and when required.

We are dedicated to informing our readers/editors/authors when their content has made a mistake (either big or small), conveying the error’s severity, and providing the correct information to the readers as soon as the mistake is brought to attention.

When an error is detected in an article, our editorial team immediately works to find the correct information and clearly demonstrates the corrections within the article wherever possible. The corrections will include:

  1. The correct information.
  2. What was originally published that was incorrect.
  3. The last updated date (and time, if available) when the change took place.
  4. The process to report errors from within articles is made easy to understand, by providing an email address and form to contact us at the ending of each article.

Whenever errors cannot be amended within the body of an article’s content, corrections are displayed clearly at the bottom of the news content. Rather than removing the content containing a mistake completely, we provide clarification and admittance of our mistakes to preserve transparency.

We value feedback from our readers, which can be posted in the comments section at the end of every story, video, or post. A request for a correction or an update in a story can also be sent to If the correction is straightforward, we mark the correction within 24 hours of being pointed out. But if the correction involves the further investigation or reaching out to people for their reactions, the correction may take up to 72 hours.

We also monitor our large presence on social media platforms and welcome feedback and criticism from our readers.

If a new fact comes to light after a story is published, information that adds substantial new layers or angles but does not alter the rating, it is marked as “Update” at the end of the article.

Corrections in typographical errors, misspellings, grammatical errors, or minor changes which are not considered significant by editors are not usually noted.