Google Ad Grants for Nonprofit Organizations (Free Ads to Charity)

If you are running a non-profit organization to help the humanities or any other charities, then you should know about the Google Ad Grants. It is a program from Google Ads that provide free Ads credit or Google Adwords to nonprofits and charities.

Gogle is doing such a great job by helping nonprofit organizations in the USA. The company is running a campaign in which they provide free advertising credits of up to $329 per day or $10,000 monthly to non-profit sites so that they can promote their missions and initiatives.

Ad Grants for Nonprofit organizations is a donation program from Google Inc. To learn more about the program, have a look at Google Grants on its official page.

Is your nonprofit advertising eligible?

This is a big and important question. Your organization must meet some of the most important criteria to pass Google advertising grant eligibility.

  • You must hold current and valid charity status- 501(c)(3) status, determined by the USA.
  • Nonprofits should have a functioning website with sufficient content.
  • You must agree and accept certificates regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use.
  • The organization must provide the Employer ID (EIN).

These types of organizations are not eligible for Google Grants

  • Government entities and organizations.
  • Healthcare organizations and hospitals.
  • Childcare centers, schools, universities, and educational institutions. However, the philanthropic arms of educational organizations are eligible.

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Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits will get premium products for free

  • Ad Grants: Free AdWords advertising through keyword targeting to promote nonprofit sites on Google.
  • Google Apps: Free Google Apps including Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and much more.
  • YouTube: YouTube for Nonprofits offers premium branding capability to increase upload capacity on the YouTube channel.
  • Google Earth and Maps: The Google Earth Outreach grant provides a free license for Google Earth Pro and the Maps API for Business.

If your non-profit organization meets the above conditions, you can apply online for a Google ad grant. Approval of your application may take up to 6 months under Google’s non-profit team.

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