Top 5 Essential Technology Tools for Startups and Small Business

For any modern startup or small business to run, you must use the latest technological tools to ensure you get the best from every process in your organization. If the tools you use are somewhat ineffective or slower than its peers, you run the risk of losing out in the race of getting business. However, you need not fret as there are many essential technology tools for startups and small businesses that you can use in your organization that are fairly easy to use and implement.

Let us see the top 5 amongst them that are needed for any organization.

Accounting software

This is essential for every organization. It is generally affordable and user-friendly, ensuring that you can get the best solutions for book keeping and tax preparations at all times. Having accurate details of your finances simplifies how you can prepare financial documents and accurate historical financial data as and when needed.

Inventory Management Software

For any business, every piece of inventory is worth its weight in gold. It thus becomes imperative to ensure that you use this precious resource to its fullest, and leave no chance of it getting misplaced or spoilt. With inventory management software, you will be able to manage each part of your inventory in such a way that you can use it to its fullest potential. You can also integrate this software with e-commerce technology to get real-time data.

Customer Relationship Management software

This is a crucial software needed to manage the way the company responds to its customers. Using this software, an organization can perform many daily tasks like appointment scheduling, customer service, and other related tasks. Having an organized software for customer relationship management goes a long way to ensure happy and contented customers.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

This is a system that helps to automate the periodical equipment maintenance routines. This is generally crucial for manufacturing industries, but a basic one for a small business can work wonders. This system keeps a record of all the maintenance and repair histories that have been carried out on the equipment.

Other Web-based Assets

Internet-based assets generally take a lot of time to develop. It can be anything from a website to a technology that your company owns. Having your own website or social media accounts is the starting point in developing your businesses’ assets. Some technologies developed by your team in the house can be the biggest assets owned by your company.

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If you are worried about costs and implementation, fret not. Many of these tools come quite cheap and can be implemented quickly as they are cloud-based.

For many organizations, such tools are so important that it is next to impossible to do anything without them. When setting up, many startups and small businesses first set up these technology tools before moving on to the development of their product or service.

With competitors at every level, small businesses and startups need to have functional and well oiled internal processes so that nothing is delayed or misplaced due to a lack of technology tools. Having the above five tools can be enough to make you battle-ready to simplify processes and tackle competition headon.

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